Day 0 (15 Dec ’09): Pre-departures Thoughts [Singapore]

Distance travelled: 0 km

Weather: Rainy

One day before the trip and I was a little sick with flu. I’ll blame it on the previous week’s in-camp training and Sunday’s mobilisation.

Wasted more than two hours to see the doctor and the consultation lasted less than ten minutes. Got some medicine which I suspected to be placebo.

Slept a bit before starting to pack. Received a phone call from Alan who wanted me to bring him tampons (of all things) from Singapore. A joke for the Chinese customs official tomorrow?

Being an experienced traveller (I like to see myself as one), packing wasn’t too hard. Made a list of things and only shaver, Vitamin C tablets and of course tampons are missing. Will need to make a trip to pharmacy to pick these things up later. I really packed light this time round and my enormous 60 liters backpack is barely half-filled.

The anticipation for this trip had been somewhat dulled by the last week’s ICT. Hopefully the adrenaline will pick me up when the time finally arrives in a few hours.

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