Day 1 (16 Dec 2009): A Thousand Mile Journey Begins with the First Step [Singapore – Guangzhou]

For your convenience, please refer to The Journey for the itinerary and the latest updates.

Distance travelled today: 2648.27km

Had to wake up early at 4.15am this morning in order to catch the 6.20am plane to Guangzhou. Managed to find Alan’s elusive tampons at Budget Terminal’s Guardian Pharmacy. Somehow managed to avoid eye contact with the cashier when making the purchase.

The terminal was surprisingly teeming with people at 5 in the morning. My flight was the day’s third; some other flights which were around the same time were to KL, Macau and Haikou. Enjoyed roughly half an hour of Internet and witnessed a grown man snoring really loudly before boarding.

Flight was rather uneventful; the only thing of note was the number of iPods and iPhones in use. My ears were partially blocked due to the change in pressure during the flight and had not recovered yet.

Arrived at Guangzhou at 15 past ten and breezed through the immigration. Waited a while before Alan came to pick me up. The journey to his place consisted an airport bus ride followed by a normal bus.

After lunching and napping, we made our way to the south campus of Sun Yat Sen University in the evening. Met up with Daniel for dinner; Alan left for his exam and Daniel and I had dessert in some hole in wall eatery. A few shopfronts down the eatery dog meat is being offered and on display. Definitely not the most canine-friendly place.

The day did not end until supper and chilling out at McDonald’s. Guangzhou to me so far seems a rather modern place with certain things (eg MRT) very similar to HK; Cantonese is audible on the streets but Mandarin is understood everywhere. I’ll try to explore the city more in the coming days.

Super early flight

His snores were so loud that I was embarrassed for him

Baiyun Airport

My ride to town

First meal in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Skyline

Guangzhou's Metro

Sun Yat Sen University

SYSU Arch by the river

Mac for supper:)


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