Day 2 (17 Dec 2009): In Search of the Five Rams [Guangzhou]

For your convenience, please refer to The Journey for the itinerary and the latest updates.

Weather: Overcast

Alan brought me to eat breakfast at a breakfast place opposite their apartment.

Place where I had breakie

Breakfast for two (Cost less than 15 RMB)

I had the bee hoon; couldn’t finish it because it was too dry. The dumplings were pretty nice though. After breakfast, I would explore Guangzhou on my own. Alan and Daniel’s apartment was convenient and within walking distance to Chigang Metro station. My destination of the day would be Yuexiu Park, ten train stations away.

Yuexiu Park Train Station

For most of my previous travels, I would be armed with a Lonely Planet guide. However, with experience, I realized that it was not a good idea to carry a physical copy because:-

A) Guidebooks are heavy and I’ll be passing through several countries. Didn’t make sense to me at all to buy/borrow and bring several guidebooks for the whole trip.

B) I probably don’t need to all the information in a guidebook. In fact I will only be using the two chapters from the China guide.

C) Carrying a guidebook in hand screams ‘TOURIST’! In many places (especially the touristy ones) it is the synonym for RICH SUCKER. Ever a skeptic, it’s easy to imagine that people will try to fleece unsuspecting tourists like me.

The answer to my problem came in the form of technology. I simply downloaded the Lonely Planet chapters (available here) which i needed onto my iPod Touch and referred to them whenever I needed to. People would think that I was simply fiddling with my iPod. Granted it is always easier to find information on a book but I would not trade my new found solution to lugging few kilos of guidebooks around.

Back at Yuexiu Park, I had difficulties figuring out the directions to Nanyue King Museum. Somehow iPod wasn’t so good at displaying maps and I walked in the wrong direction initially.Before getting my bearings and find the museum, I came across some Middle Eastern looking men and an European woman in headscarf. I suspected that they are Turks although I didn’t verify.

Nanyue King's Tomb

The entrance fee to Nanyue King Museum was 12 RMB but I managed to convince the ladies at the counter that I was a student (with my tertiary EZ Link card) and got away with paying just 5. Delighted with my conquest, I first saw the exhibits of ancient Chinese pillows (trust me they looked all so hard that I doubt I will ever fall asleep on them) before visiting the actual tomb site.

Way to the Original Tomb

There is a pretty good write-up about the tomb here. Beside the staff checking ticket at the entrance, I was the only person down at the tomb at that time and I felt that the atmosphere was kinda eerie.

Eerie Tomb

Leaving the site, I went to see the exhibits which were excavated from the tomb. Photography wasn’t allowed; all I took was of the wall mural outside the exhibits’ hall.

Nanyue styled wall carving

I had enough fun looking at the tomb and decided to visit Yuexiu Park located directly opposite the museum. However the entrance isn’t and it took me some time to figure out.

Along the way I saw…

Cherry QQ aka most-ridiculed-car-in-sg


Lamborghini Showroom!

Is China socialist? I’m wondering hard…

According to LP, Yuexiu Park is supposedly one of the biggest urban park in China and I don’t disagree.

Yuexiu Park Entrance

Yuexiu Hill

It’s big and there are lakes, hills and gardens located all around the park.

Entrance to Garden



The famous Five Ram Sculpture was also located inside the park.

Five Rams Sculpture - I only counted 4 here

The final place that I visited for the day was Guangzhou Provincial Museum.

Guangzhou Provincial Museum

Inside the museum was the history of Guangzhou from the prehistoric era until modern times. There were some pretty niffy exhibits in the museum:)

Bust of Nanyue King


Giant Turtle


Crystal Guanyin

Western Clock

My fav - Old School Fridge

Name of the building

The rest of the day escaped me; I could only recall having really sore feet after walking the entire day.

Map depicting my metro ride between Chigang and Yuexiu Park.

Total distance: 12.1km
Cost: 4 RMB


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