Day 3 (18 Dec 2009): Chenjiaci & Beijing Lu [Guangzhou]

For your convenience, please refer to The Journey for the itinerary and the latest updates.

Weather: Kinda cold

Another day of exploring Guangzhou on my own and it wouldn’t start without having breakfast first.

Chee cheong fun

First up was Chen Clan Ancestral Hall/Academy or 陈家祠. It was built in the late 19th century by the Chen clan for worshiping their ancestors. Constructed in the traditional Chinese style, it was classified as an important cultural and historical site.

Chenjiaci Arch

I didn’t know much of the history but I would agree that the place was lavishly decorated.





Bronze sculpture

Kids playing

Intricate carvings on the roof

The place didn’t hold my attention for too long before I decided to go somewhere. After much internal struggle, I decided to forgo Shamian Island for a more pragmatic need: shopping for a fleece.

Guangzhou turned out to be colder than I expected (around 10 deg) and I only had one fleece with me. Another was required because I can’t be simply wearing the same one without washing at all.

Off to Gongyuan Qian metro which was walking distance to Beijing Lu, the main shopping drag in Guangzhou.

"In front of the park"

The slogan making a pun out of her name

Using my internal GPS, I managed to stumble on Beijing Lu after a few wrong turns.

Beijing Lu

Being used to the never ending shopping street of Istanbul’s Istiklal Caddesi, Beijing Lu seemed kinda limited in comparison. However, give me pedestrianized shopping streets like this to Orchard Rd anytime. Without the hassles and fumes of motor vehicles, they are ideal for people-watching.

Reminds me of Istiklal Caddesi

not too crowded on a weekday afternoon

Lanterns already up despite CNY still two months away

HK actress Charmaine Sheh endorsing some beauty salon

Old school shop facade

I had a hard time deciding between some world-class brands…

Clio Coddle anyone?

French luxury brand "Ali Baba"?

In the end I settled for a Uniqlo fleece at 79 RMB. Back on the main street…

Countdown to Asian Games

What's a sports event without its mascots?

Finally I’ll end off with my discovery of the day:

An archaeological site at the basement of a shopping mall

I believed that it was an ancient underwater storage system

Apparently the site was discovered when the developer was laying foundation for the shopping mall. This kind of incident could only happen in cities with long histories buried beneath it. In comparison, the most amazing thing that we can dig out from Singapore soil are probably centipedes.

Chenjiaci to Gongyuanqian (train) to Beijing Lu (Walk)


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