Day 27 (11 Jan 2010): Home [Singapore]

For your convenience, please refer to The Journey for the itinerary.

Weather: Hot

Distance covered today: 687km
Distance traveled from Guangzhou: 5,104km
Distance remaining to Singapore: 0km

Fact of the day: The national language of Singapore is Malay.

The driver was driving really fast; the bus would reach Kuala Lumpur (KM 4764) in 3.5 hours. Something funny happened along the way; we stopped for a washroom break and the driver almost drove off without a passenger. Luckily for the guy, his companion managed to tell the driver in time.

The bus stopped outside Puduraya bus station to let off and pick up passengers. Revenue optimization noted. It would leave around half an hour later at 2.30am and stopped only once more at a rest stop before reaching Johor Baru.

The driver stopped somewhere in Johor Bahru (KM 5100) and got passengers who were going on to Singapore to get on another bus. As I was still drowsy from just waking up, I didn’t get what he was saying until the bus was about to leave. After getting scolded (apparently he wasn’t in a good mood from all the driving), I boarded the other bus which would bring me to Woodlands Checkpoint by 6.30am.

Butterworth to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur:

After scanning my passport, the female immigration officer was surprised to learn that I had entered Malaysia the day before at Padang Besar by train. Passing the checkpoint was painless and Singapore (KM 5104) lies just across the causeway.

Welcome Home:)

Home at last

(Pic taken from tchi travel)


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