Big Durian: Epilogue

Big Durian Excursion [12 – 14 Dec 2010]
Pt I: Braving Lion Air
Pt II: It’s a Rich Man’s World
Pt III: Macet
Pt IV: Congkak & Pins
Pt V: Shitty Business
Pt VI: The Ride Home


Likes: Friends, friendly people, great food

Dislikes: TRAFFIC JAMS, rich-poor gap, lack of pavements

Jakarta is not the usual travel destination.

Besides the malls, our Indonesian friends were perplexed about where to take us to.

Even the malls weren’t much different from Singapore’s (or anywhere else in the world).

However it was nice to reconnect with friends whom I haven’t seen for years and see an entire new perspective of Jakarta through their eyes.

While it isn’t what I’ll normally do, it’s still nice to look at huge mansions while riding in nice SUVs as well as  hanging out with the hip crowd at Social House.

I will really like to thank them for their hospitality.

Oh yeah the food is really good as well.

I hadn’t had a bad meal in Jakarta.

Not even on the streets.

Maybe with the exception of CFC.

However I do share one pet peeve about Jakarta like everyone else.

The traffic.

Someone please do something about it.


Or else no one’s going anywhere anymore.

While we didn’t have buffet at JW Marriott or visited Old Jakarta, it was still a good trip.

Perhaps there will be a next visit albeit a short stopover en-route to Bandung, Bali or wherever.


Being on the list of banned air carriers banned in the European Union doesn’t inspire our confidence in Lion Air.

The bumpy return flight made us wish that we weren’t flying them.

Other than that we couldn’t complain much since it got us from point A to B and back at such low prices.

In addition it threw in 20kg of checked baggage for free while most other LCCs make the customers pay for them.

Seat pitch was a little tight but thankfully the journey wasn’t too long.

Its buy-on-board products are reasonably-priced but choice seemed limited with only drinks and snacks.

Lion Air can do more to generate additional revenue through offering more buy-on-board choices (Hot food? Merchandise?).

The air crew were alright although they weren’t the friendliest Indonesians we’ve met.

The online booking process was also simple and easy enough.

Will I fly them again?

Doubt so.

Unless its price is much lower than the competitors’.

Or there are no other alternatives.

Though I may change my mind if they get off that EU list.


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