Big Durian Pt VI: The Ride Home

Big Durian Excursion [12 – 14 Dec 2010]
Pt I: Braving Lion Air
Pt II: It’s a Rich Man’s World
Pt III: Macet
Pt IV: Congkak & Pins
Pt V: Shitty Business
Pt VI: The Ride Home

Our time in Jakarta was coming to an end and we had to head to the airport.

Being a good host, Jones insisted on walking us till the check in counters.

From the FIDS we knew that we needed to proceed to Area E.

As one would need an air ticket to access the check-in area, we thanked Jones and said goodbye before the security.

A short queue was already forming for our flight.

The departure tax of 150,000 IDR was collected at the counter as well.

Past the immigration we had some free time before boarding.

A girl came up and offered us the service of Keris Business Lounge.

While 55,000 IDR wasn’t expensive, we declined since we were too full for more all-you-can-eat buffet.

Instead we offloaded our remaining rupiahs on snacks and drinks at one of the duty-free shops and relaxed at a food court.

An EK bird was spotted from there.

I noticed that it was raining for the first time while we were in Jakarta.

After lingering a little more we headed to our gate.

We were held up at the security due to some bottled drinks.

The drinks would cause me to visit the washroom later.

By the time we reached the gate, our row was already being called for boarding.

Three of us were supposed to be seated in Row 32 but the air crew got us to swap with three other passengers in Row 31.

And the lucky Mr Sloppy got the emergency exit seat.

The cute air crew (her name’s Virgie) came over and told Mr Sloppy about requiring his assistance during an emergency.

Apparently the previous guy was too young to to fulfill the duty which came with the seat.

However I doubted that Mr Sloppy would make a difference since he didn’t even bother to read the safety information card as requested by Virgie.

Meanwhile I could see a Garuda bird as well as an Etihad one from the window.

Route: CGK – SIN
Flight no.: JT 158
STD: 17:50
STA: 20:30
Time taken: 1h40m
Distance traveled: 551 miles / 891 km
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900ER
Cost: 31 SGD + 150,000 IDR dep tax

Our aircraft pushed back on time despite the rain.

There wasn’t a queue for taking off either.

The climb turned out to be one of the bumpiest that I ever had.

To distract ourselves from any bad thoughts, we played Monopoly Deal.

Somehow we managed to complete a game within the limited confines of our seats and by then the turbulence was over.

The bottled drinks were having effects on me and I had to excuse myself for the washroom.

Verdict: The air crew could do better with washroom’s maintenance.

I also got a photo of the cabin from the back.

I couldn’t recall whether the air crew did make a round of in-flight sales as we were all consumed with our next round of Monopoly Deal.

However we didn’t manage to complete round two before preparation for landing was announced by the Captain.

Soon the lights of Singapore appeared in our window.

The plane was slightly ahead of schedule when it landed at SIN.

Being quite far back on the plane meant that it took us some time to exit the plane.

And I took advantage of it to say goodbye to Virgie.

It is always a comfort to arrive in Changi Airport.

I discovered a new service between the airport and Johor Bahru.

JHB will slip further into oblivion now.

Quite a few flights were arriving at the same time which meant that our checked luggage took forever to arrive.

We split from there and our excursion to Big Durian came to a conclusion.


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