It’s been a quiet year… (so far)

In terms of traveling that is.

Kinda obvious when the first post of the year is published in late February.

Fret not.

That doesn’t mean I hadn’t left the little red dot.

Or won’t be leaving it.

Crossed the Causeway three times in a month.

And one of which was sadly for bereavement.

The year ahead is more positive.

The more-or-less confirmed jaunts are:

1. Mar/Apr: Diving (Location unknown yet)
2. May 13 – 17: Auckland, NZ (The return fare of less than 500 is too enticing… but 10 hours on an LCC??)
3. Aug 13 -14: Brunei (Only realized after booking that the dates are during fasting month -.-)
4. Oct 23 – Nov ?: Europe (AirAsia X to Paris. Nuff said)

Doubt that these are the only ones.

Need to clear my limited BMI miles before its eventual merger with LH M&M.

However like any working-class I’m saddled with the problem.

Too many ideas too little time.

And too little cash as well.

Regardless do be patient and stay tuned for more updates.


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