To upgrade or not ?

Yet another post to do with the trip to Paris in October.

As you all can recall I’ll be taking AirAsia X from KUL to Paris for the outbound.

AirAsia X is a partner with OptionTown which offers upgrades at a discounted price.

One will need to enter the booking reference on the OptionTown website to determine whether a possible upgrade is on offer on the flight.

Well mine is.

To be honest AirAsia X’s Premium Flat Bed does look good.

And you can see that there are quite a few more perks thrown in as well.

Just that I have pre-purchased some of them (15 kg baggage allowance and meals) when I booked my flight.

Lesson learnt: Do not pre-purchase the add-ons unless I’m damn sure that I’m not trying for the upgrade.

Anyway a dummy booking on AirAsia’s website shows that a premium seat on the same flight will cost 2005 MYR if booked today.

I’ve already paid 614 MYR for my ticket and the upgrade would cost 515 MYR if successful.

The total amount of 1129 MYR or around 470 SGD will represents a savings of 876 MYR or around 360 SGD.

So far from the seat map I can tell that 5 out of 16 Premium seats are sold.

While it’s still some months away from the flight, there is a high chance of me getting the upgrade.

Should I upgrade or not ?

At least I can wait until a week or two before the flight to decide.


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