Long Weekend in Kiwiland Pt II: Long Haul LCC

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Long Haul LCC
Pt III: Rotten Eggs
Pt IV: Volcanos
Pt V: Animals & Auckland
Pt VI: 3K 402
Pt VII: Epilogue

Bleah. Online check-in wasn’t available on this flight.

Since I didn’t pay for seat allocation, it meant that I had to arrive early to check in.

I managed to negotiate an hour and a half early off work and scuttled back home for a shower before arriving at Changi T1 at around 6pm.


We joined the short but not very fast-moving queue.

Four counters were open to passengers of the evening’s three Jetstar flights: my 3K 401 to AKL, JQ 8 to MEL at 21:00 and JQ 58 to DRW at 22:10.

An additional counter was dedicated to Jetstar’s StarClass passengers.

The agent took her time checking the three of us in but we still had plenty to do dinner at the basement food court.

Passing through immigration was a breeze and T1 was buzzing as always.

Our plane just landed when we arrived at Gate D36.

In fact we got to see the arriving passengers departing the plane.

Hate the reflection

While watching the gate filled up with my fellow passengers, my sister and I logged on to SIN’s free WiFi and did some last minute surfing before our long flight.

The free WiFi is probably the best thing in SIN (among lots of things) and there are even computer terminals for passengers who don’t have the devices to tap on it.

Cliched shot

Then it was time to board.

We were allocated 47 D, E & F so no window for me.

Luckily 47 G remained empty although 80% of the plane was filled.

Customary leg shot

To be honest I was quite impressed with the amount of leg space available considering I was flying on a LCC.

However the cleanliness was kinda questionable with the flight being a turnaround.

Weird stains

Let’s see what were in the seat pocket.

We were flying on an A330-200

For a moment I thought it was Taylor Swift

The flight took off almost half an hour after schedule.

Route: SIN – AKL
Flight no.: 3K 401
STD: 19:50
STA: 09:55
Distance traveled: 5225 miles/ 8409 km
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200

Although the plane is Australian-registered, the crew were all Singaporeans.

The arrangement is quite controversial due to the differences in the aviation safety standards and labour costs between the two countries.

Anyway from my observation the crew weren’t really smiley throughout the flight.

Not long after take-off they went about peddling the rental of inflight entertainment units for 15 AUD.


Headphones were also available for 3 AUD and they could be re-used for all other Jetstar flights.

Overhead screens

From time to time there would be my favorite programming.

Air show

Soon after sales/rental of IFE units, hot meal service (buy on-board) started.

I didn’t get anything as I was still full from my earlier dinner.

I was also trying to get used to NZ time and attempted to sleep.

The extra space afforded by the empty seat allowed us to stretch out a bit more but my sleep was fitful at best.

Woke up two hours outside Auckland and found myself…

...over Brisbane

Couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up watching this on my iPod instead.

Jeremy vs...

... James & Hammond

I didn’t get to finish it though because the last part of the video was corrupted.

Didn’t really matter since I had watched it countless times already.

The second hot meal service was performed somewhere over Tasman Sea.

No land in sight

We discovered that there was a water dispenser in the middle of the plane and filled up our bottles with it.

Finally after almost 10 hours of flight…

1 min to AKL

Verdict? Premium travel it ain’t but no complaints with the price and relative comfort.


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