Long Weekend in Kiwiland Pt VI: 3K 402

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Long Haul LCC
Pt III: Rotten Eggs
Pt IV: Volcanos
Pt V: Animals & Auckland
Pt VI: 3K 402
Pt VII: Epilogue

Busy morning at AKL

The check-in counters were already open by the time we arrived.

It seemed that it would be a healthy load back to Singapore.

There was a group of firemen soliciting for donations at the escalators going up to the departure level and one of them was wearing his full gear going up an escalator in the reverse direction.

The fundraising was all part of the Firefighter Sky Tower Challenge which donated the amount raised to the Leukaemia & Blood Foundation.

We donated our spare change to them before going on to browse the shops on the landside.

Nice keychain

At one of the shops we bought some duty-free kiwifruit chocolates; not terribly cheap but they made good gifts back in Singapore.

After going through the immigration, my sis and I were randomly selected by the Airport Security to test for traces of explosives.

I wondered how random the selection was but complied anyway with their requests (they were very polite though).

Our plane was already at the gate.

Our ride home

Close-up on the registration

The crew for our flight were already air-side by then and were having an early lunch at Burger King.

There was still some time before boarding commenced so we sat and waited on the rather comfy seats.

Comfy seats

Noticed the kiosk in the photograph? My mom did more shopping there (some healthcare products).

I went to the washroom just before proceeding to the gates and found this poster inside the gents.

Multiracial NZ; can't help but feel there's some racial profiling

At the gate, there was a lady from Tourism New Zealand asking visitors (my sis and I inclusive) for contact details so that they could collect feedback about our trip.

Boarding was done in an orderly manner with StarClass passengers, families traveling with children and passengers sitting in the second cabin invited to board the aircraft first.

Coincidentally the three of us had the exact seats as on the outbound.

47E again

However this time round I wasn’t so lucky as I had a seatmate in 47G.

Route: AKL – SIN
Flight no.: 3K 402
STD: 11:25
STA: 18:00
Distance traveled: 5225 miles/ 8409 km
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
Registration: VH-EBF

The plane took off on-time and the crew got into action as soon as the seat-belt sign was off.

First up was once again the rental of IFE units.

Then it was followed by the first hot meal service.

The crew also distributed Singapore’s arrival cards to those who needed them.

Don't mess around in SIN

Ten hours on the plane was a long time and I needed to occupy myself.

First I re-read the in-flight magazine cover-to-cover while flying over the Tasman.

Air show

After that I read up on the other parts of NZ which I could go next time. (Provided if Jetstar has another similar promotion.)

Marlborough Sounds anyone?

There programming on the overhead screens was quite interesting throughout the flight.

Glee - I think it's the Britney episode

How I Met Your Mother


It also showed the movie How Do You Know? which seemed quite bland.

I preferred the one that was uploaded in my iPod.

The backpack guy

Being awake on the flight I could observe the service (or the lack thereof).

The crew disappeared after the first hot meal service and didn’t emerge until hours later.

When it was close to Singapore’s lunch time, we pressed the bell for assistance and the crew took ages to appear.

The Japanese air-crew was apologetic that hot meals would only be available two hours before landing and suggested that we could get some snacks from them in 10 minutes’ time.

So we used our last 30 NZD to buy these to share instead.

Chicken sandwich

Sorry I took a bite already


After seven hours we were still three hours away from our destination.


By then the trash bin near the water dispenser was filled with used paper cups but the crew didn’t seem to notice.

Near Bali

As promised another hot meal service was performed around two hours out of Singapore.

However it was at quite an awkward timing for us so we didn’t check the hot meals out.

While flying over the Riau islands the captain made an announcement saying that our landing might be delayed for quite some time due to “rain in northern Singapore.”

In the end the delay wasn’t as lengthy as I had afraid but our expected time of arrival was already 30 minutes later than scheduled due to headwind.

Finally after a loooooooong time…

Prepare for landing

The landing was smooth but the aerobridge took some time to be connected.

SIN was buzzing as usual and the lines to enter Singapore were long.

Luckily we were able to use the automated gates and were at the duty-free shop in no time.

Even after we were done with our purchases, our luggage still hadn’t appeared at the carousel.

Dude where's my luggage?

After quite a lengthy wait, it finally appeared but with a jammed handle.

Jammed handle

One of the ladies working at the CIAS counter attended to our issue and filed a report.

Their service was swift; someone collected the luggage the next day and returned it repaired one day after.

Good job indeed!


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