Long Weekend in Kiwiland Pt VII: Epilogue

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Long Haul LCC
Pt III: Rotten Eggs
Pt IV: Volcanos
Pt V: Animals & Auckland
Pt VI: 3K 402
Pt VII: Epilogue

My thoughts on…


My initial fears about flying long-haul on LCC were unfounded. Jetstar’s A332 had comfortable seats and adequate seat pitch and I didn’t feel as cramped as I thought I would be. The IFE on overhead screens was a pleasant surprise too and the programming did seem interesting on the inbound. Meals-wise I didn’t have much exposure but the sandwiches were fine. While the idea of providing drinking water and allowing passengers to consume their own food might not earn extra revenue for JQ/3K, it certainly earned goodwill from passengers (like me).

There are certainly things that they can improve on. The crew could do better in terms of both friendliness and responsiveness. Another issue was the cleanliness. With the amount of people on the plane, the conditions of the lavatories would definitely deteriorate over time. Again it was down to the crew to maintain the basic cleanliness.

Will I fly Jetstar long haul again? Yeah but only if the price’s right. If there’s no promotion a return ticket to AKL is around 1,000 SGD which is more expensive than EK’s price (albeit with much longer flight time due to stop in BNE) and only marginally cheaper than SQ’s promotion price. EK’s price to Melbourne is also quite competitive so if the prices are comparable my choice will be a no-brainer.


NZ was a tourist-friendly country and my family and I had a good time there. There was hardly anything that I disliked there but if pressed hard for one I would say the weather. It was kinda erratic and I could do with less rain. There were too many good things to list though: open spaces, nice scenery, friendly people, interesting attractions etc.

The entire tourist infrastructure was well set-up and it had been a long time that I’ve visited a hassle-free destination. The admissions fees for the attractions were kinda on the high side but they did provide quality experiences in return. Cost-wise it was still manageable; both accommodation and car rental were cheaper compared to similar standard in Singapore. Food wasn’t as expensive as imagined; probably around the same level as eating out in the more finer eating places here.

I will like to return to NZ one day; preferably to the South Island whose scenery is rated higher than the North’s. C’mon Jetstar! Make me an offer that I can’t refuse. 🙂


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