LFC @ KUL Pt I: Prologue

LFC Asia Tour 2011 [16 – 17 July 2011]
Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Short Hop
Pt III: Match Day
Pt IV: Going Home

A couple of months before the end of last season, Liverpool FC announced that there would be a pre-season tour of Asia with matches in Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.

It was only two years since Liverpool last visited Asia and Singapore. This time round there wasn’t any stadium capable of hosting the match on our island otherwise I was pretty sure Singapore would be one of the stops.

I chose not to go to the match in 2009 as I questioned the wisdom of paying 80+ SGD for a pre-seaon friendly match, especially only two months after visiting Anfield. I had spent a fair bit of money traveling to UK to catch the team live in action (3-0 win over Newcastle) and my head told me that it was probably wiser to give the friendly a miss.

The details of the tour was released in June and Liverpool’s match at Kuala Lumpur would be on 16 July, a Saturday. It meant that I could do a weekend trip for the match without taking any time from work. The date also coincided with my friend HT’s two-week break from his medical studies in Australia. Lewis, a recent convert to Liverpool’s cause, was most enthusiastic in organizing a trip up north and in all there would be a total of seven of us traveling.

The first phase of the sale was limited only to holders of Standard Chartered Bank’s cards in Malaysia and we would need to wait till the general sale period before we could get our hands on those tickets.

There were several places in Singapore where the local fans could get tickets and we got ours from the Adidas concept store at Suntec. Only the 108 MYR ones (45 SGD) were available and they came with the passes to the training session on Thursday (which we wouldn’t be attending).

Training session admission pass and match ticket

Funnily the most prominent player featured on the ticket wouldn’t be traveling to Asia due to his rehabilitation from injuries.

After securing the tickets we would need to make some traveling plans. Naturally I volunteered for the task.

Accommodation-wise it was pretty straight forward. My mother has some time-share membership which I could utilize to get two rooms at Legend Hotel KL for free. Although each booking required a minimum of two-night stay, I somehow managed to get them to bend the rule and give me the rooms for just one night.

Three of the seven going for the match would make their own travel arrangement while I would take care of the remaining four. There are several different modes of transport between the two cities (car, bus, train & plane) and each has their pros and cons.

HT would be going back to Australia the following Monday and he made it clear that he didn’t want to spend hours on Malaysian expressways the day before he was to fly back to SYD. So flight it was.

After a bit of research, we finalized our choice of flying with Jetstar Asia. Our outbound flight was scheduled to depart at 12.50pm which would get us into KUL before 2pm. The inbound flight was a tad too early at 8.40am but we chose it as the later flights were much more expensive.

In total we paid 72.50 SGD each. Not too bad in my opinion.


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