LFC @ KUL Pt II: Short Hop

LFC Asia Tour 2011 [16 – 17 July 2011]
Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Short Hop
Pt III: Match Day
Pt IV: Going Home

I was really happy that we chose an afternoon departure instead of an early morning one. I was able to sleep in a bit and had some decent breakfast at home before taking public transport to the airport.

Two buses and slightly less than half an hour later I arrived at the airport.

Welcome to Terminal 1

SIN Terminal 1 was bustling on a Saturday morning.


I checked the screens for the check-in row for my flight.

Looking for 3K 685

It seemed that T1 was dominated by low-cost carriers, especially Jetstar and AirAsia.

Row 3

Lewis and his girlfriend Jaslin had already checked in when I reached row 3.

Several Jetstar/Valuair flights were leaving within one hour of one another (for KUL, CGK, MFM and SWA) which explained the long queue at the check-in counters.

Long queue at the counters

Luckily I did OLCI earlier.

The last member of the traveling party HT arrived shortly after and we joined the web check-in queue.

While waiting in line, one of Jetstar’s staff came around to make sure that I had printed out the confirmations of my OLCI. Although there weren’t many people in front of us, we still spent at least a good ten minutes in the queue.

Gate C11

After collecting our boarding passes and passing through the immigration controls, we were off to an early lunch at the airside Burger King.

To be honest it wasn’t the best time to do spotting.

Lion Air 737-900ER

Looking at the JT aircraft reminded me my flight with them from CGK.

The usual suspects: AK & 3K

AK’s bird with Team Lotus livery

The trip report wouldn’t be complete without a cliched shot.

Seat 3A

On our way to our gate we caught a glimpse of our bird.


There was already a queue for the security screening at the gate. From my observation, more than a third of the passengers were wearing Liverpool replica jersies (us included). Seemed that we would all be heading towards the same place in Kuala Lumpur.

I took another picture of our aircraft at the holding area.

Pretty in silver

Route: SIN – KUL
Flight no.: 3K 685
STD: 12:50 (ATD: 13:20)
STA: 13:55 (ATA: 14:05)
Time taken: 0h45m
Distance traveled: 196 miles / 313 km
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: 9V-JSB

We were slightly delayed in boarding and I only got seated in 3A at the supposed time of departure.

Customary leg shot

View from 3A – found the sight rather funny

While waiting for our turn to take-off, I discovered that there were plenty of things inside my seat pocket.

We’re on a A320


Page 2

Page 3

Page 4 – Hot food wasn’t available on the short flight though

Page 5 – More hot food

Page 6 – Drinks

JetShop – Nothing caught my fancy

Aaron Yan featured in the in-flight magazine

Despite the many photographs we weren’t even air-borne yet.

Hello sisters

Ahead of us was an SQ whale jet bound for LHR.

SQ 318

9V-SKF preparing for take-off

Twenty minutes after our scheduled departure our plane lined up for take-off.

Goodbye SIN. See you in twenty hours

While taking off we could see water spilling out from one of the containers for drinks (I don’t know its exact term) in the galley. Apparently some stuff weren’t properly secured and the crew had to clean up after the seat belt sign was switched off.

The flight time was only 35 minutes and land was always visible from the window. I vaguely remembered that the crew went through one round of sales shortly after taking off.


Sepang Circuit

Concentric circle

Our plane touched down at KUL at 2:05pm, 15 minutes behind schedule.

KUL Satellite Terminal

HT and I were out of the plane pretty fast since we were seated so up front. However we had to wait for Lewis and Jaslin who were seated further back. A short shuttle train ride brought us to the main terminal where the immigration controls were.

The queue were horrendous and we took almost 90 minutes before clearing them. The biometric scanning of fingerprints clearly slowed down the whole process. After clearing the immigration at around 3.30pm, we got a pre-paid taxi coupon to our hotel for around 75 MYR.


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