LFC @ KUL Pt III: Match Day

LFC Asia Tour 2011 [16 – 17 July 2011]
Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Short Hop
Pt III: Match Day
Pt IV: Going Home

After doing errands (helped my colleague pass some gifts to her friend in KL), checking in and having a snack at McD’s, we were finally on our way to the stadium by LRT.


Pink Train

The train wasn’t too crowded when we boarded and there was time and space for me to take the photograph below.

Hello Linda

However it wasn’t long before the train got filled (with Liverpool supporters of course).


It was so crowded that almost no more passengers could board in the last few stations before the Stadium.

I was glad to get out of the overcrowded train but the platform didn’t provide any much respite either.

All heading in the same direction

Bukit Jalil Stadium

I only found out later that Bukit Jalil Stadium is the 9th largest football stadium in the world.

Between the LRT station and the stadium there were many stalls selling Malaysian food and drinks (nasi lemak anyone?) as well as not so authentic football apparels.

Definitely very different from a typical match day at Anfield.

Amidst the crowd somehow we managed to rendezvous with the rest of the contingent from Singapore.

By the time we entered the stadium the match had started.

Sea of Red

Our 88 MYR ticket should entitle us to the second tier of the stadium but we were not able to find our way in.

We ended up in the top tier of the stadium, closer to the sky than to the action.

Bird's eye view

From my position I could see some empty seats in the second tier.

Should have gone there

Well we were feeling too comfortable to attempt getting there.

While it was almost full house at Bukit Jalil, the atmosphere while decent left me kinda deflated.

Rather sedentary fans

There were plenty of noise but hardly anything was synchronized. I believe that most of the fans (my travel companions included) were familiar with the songs sung at Anfield.

Huge crowd but disappointing atmosphere

The performance on the pitch was typical of a pre-season friendly; kinda insipid in my opinion. The star of the first half was obviously Charlie Adam, the summer’s new signing from Blackpool.

Charlie’s retaking the penalty

Malaysia’s reply was a Bend-it-like-Beckham-esque freekick minutes later so both sides went into half time tied at 1-1.

Fair result

Half-time was a good opportunities to take photos.

Me with my scarf

HT with the scarf

Couple #1

Couple #2

Liverpool reappeared in the second with an entire different team.

Start of second half

Second half was more entertaining with the sloppy Malaysian defence giving away cheap goals and Liverpool raced to a 4-1 lead.

However the Malaysians didn’t give up and gave Liverpool some scare with two goals of their own.


However more naive defending led to two more goals for the visitors and the final score was a more respectable 6-3 to the EPL side.

Final whistle

Final score

At the end of the match the organizers played “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which we sung with full gusto.

By the time we left the stadium was emptying out.

Emptying stadium

Outside the stadium it was still bustling with activities.

Fans leaving Bukit Jalil

We didn’t head for the LRT station immediately as some of us decided to browse at the merchandises. By the time we were done there was still a large crowd at the stadium.

The security personnel at the LRT station had to implement crowd control and lock the fans out before the station became too overcrowded. We were stuck in the crowd for around 20 minutes before we were allowed into the station.

Then we wasted more time procuring the tickets before waiting to get up to the platforms. All the trains were too filled to the brim and we waited for a couple before we could get up.

Fans heading home

While waiting for the train Jaslin spotted a spelling mistake.

Spell check couldn't detect that

Two hours after the match ended we finally reached the Bukit Bintang area and went to Jalan Alor for dinner.


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