LFC @ KUL Pt IV: Going Home

LFC Asia Tour 2011 [16 – 17 July 2011]
Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Short Hop
Pt III: Match Day
Pt IV: Going Home

Jalan Alor was KL’s equivalent to Singapore’s Lau Pa Sat: hawker food for tourists at not-so-cheap prices.

The food was so-so for me and some of us had durians for dessert.

After dinner we went back to our hotel.

Our Suite

As the hotel that we stayed in was fully booked, we actually scored an upgrade to the suites.

Living Room

It turned out that a koran-reciting competition was being hosted at our hotel (explained the fully booked rooms).

The next morning we had to be up early as our flight was departing at 8.40am.

The concierge helped us get a taxi for 130 MYR; it wasn’t so bad since it was split among 5 people.

The journey took almost an hour and all of us slept through the long drive.


Relatively quiet

The main terminal seemed like an oasis of calm compared to the zoo of LCCT.


The check-in was already open and it turned out that the web check-in counter was SLOWER than the ordinary counter.

After checking in we went to grab some cakes/pies before passing immigration.

Thankfully the queue wasn’t as long as entering Malaysia but it was still time-consuming.

Model planes in air-side

Our gate was at the satellite terminal so we had to take the skytrain there.

The plane was already awaiting us at the gate.

Our Ride

While boarding I spotted a rather exotic airline.

Rare bird from Borat land

HT and I scored row 4 again but this time I ended up on the middle seat and him on the aisle.

Thus no pictures of the clouds.

We were slightly delayed as our plane had to wait for its turn to take off.

I couldn’t remember much of the flight except of this paragraph written in the in-flight magazine.

Funny survival tip

We were back in SIN less than 24 hours after leaving it.

For HT he would be back in SIN less than 24 hours from then for his flight back to SYD the following morning.


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