Abode of Peace Pt I: Prologue

Abode of Peace [13 – 14 August 2011]

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Outbound (SIN – KUL – BWN)
Pt III: Brunei
Pt IV: Inbound (BWN – SIN – KUL)
Pt V: Epilogue

Impulse was probably what brought about this trip.

Several months ago (January in fact) AirAsia ran a promotion and one fare caught my attention.

KUL to BWN for 8 MYR o/w + taxes?? That got me interested and I went to sound out my friend S. Since neither of us had been to Brunei, we thought it could be a good idea to do a weekend trip there.

Dummy bookings revealed several weekends in August 2011 which fitted our schedule. My initial plan was to fly into KUL on a Saturday evening for an overnight stay and a day trip to BWN on a Sunday (Possible since there are two flights a day between the city-pair).

However S felt that we should stay at least one night in Borneo which got us to book the following flights:

The all-in fare came up to be 69 MYR, cheaper than the return bus ticket between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Only after booking the ticket did S realize that it would be Ramadan when we were visiting and he would have to fast through the trip.

Fast forward to May when we realized that we should start thinking about how to get to KUL from SIN.

Of course we looked up usual suspects (AK, TR & 3K) and studied their fares and schedules carefully.

In the end price won out and we booked the following on Tiger Airways:

The outbound flight wasn’t too early and allowed us a comfortable connection. We faced a long-ish transit (~4h) on the inbound at KUL LCCT, a place that neither of us was particularly fond of.

However the price of 65.80 SGD a/i for SIN-KUL-SIN was the best that we could find and we saved on the convenience fee by using Diners Card for payment (promotion had since ended).

Our route will be this:

In all I thought that we did a pretty darn good job to get to Brunei and back for less than 100 SGD.


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