Abode of Peace Pt IV: Inbound (BWN – KUL – SIN)

Abode of Peace [13 – 14 August 2011]

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Outbound (SIN – KUL – BWN)
Pt III: Brunei
Pt IV: Inbound (BWN – SIN – KUL)
Pt V: Epilogue

Drop off

The bus decided that it was the furthest he would go and turned around after dropping us off. Both of us felt that the situation was quite weird but we just sucked it up and walked towards the terminal building.

Walking on the road

Five minutes later we reached the Departure terminal.

Nope no BI C today

Like most places in the kingdom, the airport seemed a little underwhelming.

Enclosed area is where the check-in counters are

Our bags were scanned before entering the enclosed area and check-in had already began.

Queue to check-in

Kinda gaudy design

There was also an airport tax of B$12 to be paid at the counter. The lady at the check-in counter refused my S$1 coin and forced me to break a B$10 note.

Passing the immigration was hassle-free and we were in air-side in no time.


The washroom was located in a disabled-unfriendly location.

Down you go

Outside the toilet the counter for rental of day room was unmanned.

Anybody here?

Nursery seemed closed as well

The transfer desk in the waiting area wasn’t staffed as well.

Perhaps the staff only appeared after arrivals of BI flights

Free transit tour available

A glance at the FIDS revealed that BWN wasn’t a busy airport at all.

The next flight after mine was 2.5 hours away

There was an advertisement which caught my attention.

Trying to get more return visitors?

After clearing the security we settled in the gate area waiting for our plane to arrive from KUL.

Third boarding pass of the trip

12 bucks for utilizing BWN

Our ride finally arrived.

Just arrived

Is she an aviation fan too?

Following the yellow line

Can't recall whether it's loading or unloading

S and I both got aisle seats. I was willing to swap seats with the mom of the family who sat beside me but she insisted that it wasn’t necessary.

Aisle view

Don't really like to read these kinda things on flights

I spent most of my flight reading while S spent his sleeping.

Reading about Palestine

I couldn’t recall much from the flight except that when we disembarked both S and I made a point to walk faster in order to reach the immigration ahead of the rest.

Still managed to sneak a shot of AirAsia X birds

We were subjected to yet another round of Malaysian immigration and the process was slow as usual with the biometric scanning in place.

After the immigration counters I realized that there was a good place to take photographs of AirAsia’s planes.

I think it's an A330

At their home base

My ride from BWN: 9M-AFL

We decided to have dinner at the food court which was located beyond the Domestic terminal and the shuttle drop-off point.

Full of flies

The hygiene level wasn’t best and my hotpot noodles was disappointing at best. I was wondering how great the business of the stalls would be if their food were half-decent considering how many passengers pass through KUL LCCT daily.

After dinner it was almost time to check in for our final flight.


A sizeable queue had formed up in front of us.

All heading to SIN

Open for check-in

Although the queue was long, we still had time to hit McD’s after getting our boarding passes.

The queues at the immigration weren’t as bad as the one entering Malaysia despite the biometric scanning.

Ms Song Hye Kyo saying hi to us on the air-side

Final boarding pass

The inbound from Singapore arrived only after our boarding time. I knew we were in for a delay.

Gate T3 again

Sneaky shot

Cabin shots:

"Can I help you?"


We took off late but I thought we could make up for time while flying.

However the captain came onto the PA when we were closer to Singapore and informed that due to heavy congestion we would be circling around for quite a bit before we could land.

Finally we were almost half an hour past our scheduled time of arrival when we landed.

SIN finaaaaaaaaaally

Back in home base

Long walk to Immigration

No luggage to collect though

The late arrival had an impact on how I got home. We managed to catch bus 27 out of the airport but the last bus from Tampines towards my place had left.

It meant that I had to spend S$5 for the short cab ride home.


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