Abode of Peace Pt IV: Epilogue

Abode of Peace [13 – 14 August 2011]

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Outbound (SIN – KUL – BWN)
Pt III: Brunei
Pt IV: Inbound (BWN – SIN – KUL)
Pt V: Epilogue

This trip brought me to Brunei, my 8th Southeast Asian country. Only Philippines and Timor Leste were still missing from my list; Philippines should be easy enough but Timor Leste would be a challenge (in terms of cost and schedule mainly).

Brunei is also country no. 20 on my list of countries visited. Qatar wasn’t included as I was only on transit and didn’t get out of the airport. HK, Macau and Taiwan aren’t counted as well because they are not UN members (although they have their own immigration control).

Our AirAsia flights were really cheap at around S$30; the Tiger Airways ones were double of that but the total amount that I spent on flight was only around S$100. The flights were standard LCC ones; brought me from point-to-point with little fuss. The only delay that I experienced was on the last flight with TR and caused me to miss the last public transportation home. I didn’t blame Tiger entirely though as it had little control over traffic congestion over SIN.

To be honest I wouldn’t recommend Brunei highly as a tourist destination. It has its charm but also has decidedly less character compared to its neighbors Sabah and Sarawak. Perhaps my trip was too short and I didn’t experience all of what Brunei has to offer. However I won’t be in a hurry to return.


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