Lost in Translation VI: SQ 637

Lost in Translation – Korea/Japan 23-27 Dec 2011

Part I: Prologue
Part II: OZ 752
Part III: Seoul 서울
Part IV: NH 1166
Part V: Tokyo 東京
Part VI: SQ 637
Part VII: Epilogue

After checking out, I used JR Yamanote Line to Nippori where I would transfer to Keisei Limited Express for Narita Airport.

Waiting at Nippori platform

The journey from Nippori to Narita Airport took an hour and I was lucky to get a seat.

Keisei mainline was more of a commuter train with several stops and beside those heading to the airport there were many commuters as well.

Some high school kids who got up half way got kinda rowdy and the guy who sat beside me actually grabbed one of the boys and warned them to behave themselves. It had an effect on them and they didn’t dare to cause any disturbance until their stop.

New airline??

I happened to get onto a “lightly cooled” carriage (弱冷車) which got unbearably hot as the journey wore on and was really glad when the train pulled into Narita Airport station

As my SUICA had insufficient fund to pay for the 1,000 JPY trip from Nippori, I needed to make use of the top-up machine before exiting the station. It was easy enough and I topped up the additional 640 JPY required.

After the train gates there were security officers who were checking the passports for people entering the airport. Not sure why this procedure was in place though.

After quite a long walk which included going up several escalators, I reached to Terminal 1 South Wing, home of all Star Alliance airlines at NRT.

SQ Check-in

Check-in had already began by the time I arrived so I missed the greeting by the check-in agents. Served by a very polite (not surprising) agent who issued my boarding pass and lounge invitation.

Before going through the security, I went to the gift shop and spend my remaining yen on miyagegashi or “souvenir sweets” for friends and family. The total damage was 6400 JPY or more than 110 SGD.

I made a kettle’s mistake by leaving a bottled water inside my carry-on but besides that the security and immigration were hassle-free. As mentioned earlier T2 South Wing is Star Alliance-central of NRT.



TG 744

ANA 777 – check out the registration

The ANA business lounge wasn’t exactly easy to find for me and I didn’t like that it had no windows.

Entrance to ANA Lounge

Model of 787

The coolest thing inside the lounge got to be the noodle bar.


Couldn’t resist the sushis

Sitting area

With plenty of time to go, I headed for my gate.

SQ 77W already waiting for me

Flight: Singapore Airlines SQ 637
Depart: Tokyo Narita (NRT) – 11:10
Arrive: Singapore (SIN) – 17:20
Duration: 7h10m
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 11 K

I made another kettle mistake after I boarded, taking 1K for my 11K. I blamed it on the excitement of experiencing SQ J for the first time.

Probably my only time in a First class seat

After being pointed out (imagine my embarrassment) by a crew, I found my way to the assigned seat.

View to my left – Seats 11D & F

First impression of the seat? It was really wide!

Good leg space too


Remote control

Seat control

Christmas decoration

The crew came along with newspapers and drink. Interestingly they requested me to put my carry-on onto the overhead compartment without offering to help. I believed that the OZ or NH crew would be fighting over that task.

Trashy read

Blessed with good genes and diva attitude

Putting the newspaper aside I went to rummage through the seat pocket.

Safety information




Ad from my alma mater

The plane began its taxi to the runway and ahead of us was a JAL bird.


Prepare to take off

Next up was us.

Flying above Japanese countryside

Farmland during winter

Pacific in the background


The crew delivered the post-takeoff drinks as well as slippers and eye masks after reaching cruising altitude.

Rather pathetic I’ll say

I powered up the KrisWorld and loaded my first programme.

Cue ‘Jessica’

It turned out that I’ve watched the episode before so I switched to another programme.

Mary Portas’ Secret Shopper

While watching this rather interesting programme (Mary was helping a realty company to upgrade its customer service), satay was being served.

Thick chunks of meat

I hadn’t have satay for a long time and I didn’t expect to have it 35,000 feet above ground. Pleasant surprise.

I also realized that I should take a photograph of the menu.


Starter: Seared tuna loin tataki with mesclun ponzu dressing


Pretty nice starter; especially like the tuna. Not knowing which drinks to go with my meal, I asked the Japanese crew member who was serving my row. She recommended the red wine (after giving some serious thought) and went on to explain that although most people would have white wine with fish, the red wine would go better with the unagi which was quite rich in flavour.

Recommended wine: Chateau Lacombe-Noaillac 2005

Book the Cook: Unagi Kabayaki

Despite the heavy meal, I wanted to see what the dessert was.

Carrot cake with vanilla sauce

I didn’t reject the cheeses nor praline.

Gourmet cheeses with garnishes

Tea & Praline

I was really full by the end of the meal and I reckoned I put on several kilos by the end of the flight.

The remainder of the flight was spent on KrisWorld. One of the programmes that I watched was The Lives of Others, an excellent German movie set in 80s East Germany.

Mood lighting

Outside the cabin

Mineral water delivered by the crew

Near Philippines

All in Japanese

Familiar sight

The seven hour flight never felt long. If only all my flights were on SQ J.

End of trip

Indonesian islands


Cloudy afternoon

Too bad I was on the wrong side of the plane and could not capture Singapore’s skyline during the landing.


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