2011 Travel in Review

2011 had been quite good travel-wise despite me starting to work and having not as much leave as I hope for.

Nine new countries was a record for me (beating 2009’s 8) and I sat in Business Class for the first time (IST-SIN on TK).

I just looked through my passport and it seemed that I took trips out of Singapore almost every month.

(Countries with * = visited for 1st time)

An unexpected trip for my grandma’s funeral (Malaysia)

CNY (Malaysia)



Diving in Pulau Dayang (Malaysia)


Auckland and Rotorua over Vesak Day weekend (New Zealand*)



Watched Liverpool in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Abode of Peace (Brunei*, Malaysia)

-NIL- (Due to F1)


Weekend trip to (rainy) Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


Paris to Istanbul by train (Malaysia, France*, Germany*, Austria*, Slovakia*, Hungary*, Romania*, Bulgaria, Turkey)

Lads’ weekend in Batam (Indonesia),
Grandma’s anniversary (Malaysia) &

Christmas in Tokyo via Seoul (South Korea, Japan*)

I would like to write reports for all the trips but somehow I lack the discipline to complete them.

My new year resolution is to finish the one on Korea/Japan soon and get going on my Europe trip after that. Hopefully the Europe trip report will be done(or well in progress) before my next trip in February.


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