D for Dhaka II: SQ 446

D for Dhaka [17 – 20 Feb 2012]

Part I: Prologue
Part II: SQ 446
Part III: Dhaka
Part IV: TG 322 & SQ 979
Part V: Epilogue

At the end of the workday I made the long trek from my office (near Commonwealth MRT) to Changi Airport. On most occasions, traveling to the airport for me is either a 10 minute car ride or at most 30 minutes on public transport from my home so I definitely wasn’t used to the long commute to the airport.

My plane would be departing from T2 and I needed some help from Google to find out which row to use for check in (Row 4).

T2 still has the old-school mechanical FIDS which I find really awesome.



My check-in was actually supervised by an acquaintance from my army days and we chatted a bit while waiting for the gate agent to process my booking. It was quite difficult to explain why I was heading for DAC so I just told him that the opportunity just presented itself.

After passing through the immigration, I headed for T2’s SilverKris Lounge.

SilverKris Lounge

Shower was first on my agenda and it was a good one after a long day in the office.



Despite knowing that I would have another meal in the air, the glutton in me made sure that I tried out the food in SKL.

Food and drinks area

I took a little bit of everything and they all added up.

Satisfying the glutton in me

Orange juice to wash it down

Although I was kinda full, I found some vegetarian option and decided to give them a try as well.

Pizza and spring roll

Although my head was calling me to stop, my stomach said otherwise and I piled up with more drinks and snacks.

Beer from tap with nuts and crisps

With some time to go I made myself comfortable at the seating area, thinking about the trip ahead.

Seating area

Cliched shot; 12A today

I thought that SKL was pretty good although it did get kinda crowded during dinner time. Showers was great and I wouldn’t complain about the food choice. It had more food options than the SATS Premier Lounge which OZ used but I preferred the quieter ambiance in PL.

Gate E8 was at the end of concourse E and took almost 10 minutes to reach.

Gate E8

Flight: Singapore Airlines SQ 446
Depart: Singapore (SIN) – 20:35 -Actual 21:03
Arrive: Dhaka (DAC) – 22:20 – Actual 22:34
Duration: 3h45m (Actual 3h31m)
Aircraft: Airbus 330-300
Seat: 12 A

Boarding had already commenced when I passed security and I was disappointed to find a seatmate in 12C.

SQ Regional J seat

After settling down, a crew greeted me by name and quickly offered me a welcome drink.


Biz class menu

Brut's description in the menu

What's for supper?

Before taking off I did my usual seat pocket inspection.

SilverKris - Didn't read it though

Noise-cancelling headphone: Awesome stuff

I flipped through KrisWorld to check out what the IFE offered.

KrisWorld - there would be a deja vu

I LOL'ed at her celebrity fans

Went to the washroom and noticed the orchid.

Wondered whether the toilet in Y had the similar decoration

Up until now we were still stationary at our gate.

Going nowhere fast

While I was fiddling with all the items in and around my seat, one of the crew came over to speak to my seatmate and offered him the choice of empty seats at the back. The J section was only around half full and most of the middle seats were unoccupied.

I was quite looking forward to an empty seat beside me but my seatmate had some different idea. For reasons unknown to me, he returned to 12C and remained there. Strangely I was never approached by any of the crew to do a seat swap (unlikely that I would swap my window for the aisle though).

One thing that struck me was how differently the crew spoke to me and my seatmate (or any other passenger from sub-continent from my observations). While she spoke to me in a really professional manner, the way she spoke to my seatmate could be best described as how a parent would speak to a child if he/she is trying to coax the child to do something unpleasant.

She really tried very hard to convince my seatmate to even consider swapping his seat. My initial thought was that I wouldn’t like to be talked to in this manner by a crew as it seemed really condescending; however the crew was probably experienced enough to know how she had to engage different passengers in order to get their cooperation.

Take off was half an hour late due to heavy evening traffic at SIN.

Once the seat-belt sign went off the crew sprang into action. They had taken the drink orders before the take-off and served them promptly once they were able to.

Some mixed nuts to go with the drinks

Eye-shades and slippers were also distributed but I didn’t take photographs of them.

While waiting supper to be served, I switched on KrisWorld and watched the movie that I had missed in the cinema.

Guess the movie

Shortly after booting up the movie my antipasto plate arrived.

Seared scallops with grilled vegetables and mozarella

I had utilized the Book the Cook option and was duly served once I finished my starter.

Lobster Thermidor with buttered asparagus, slow-roasted vine-ripened tomato and saffron rice

It appeared that the passenger sitting in 11A had the same main course as me too. I picked at the rice but managed to finish the lobster. I didn’t decline the dessert but said no to the cheeses.

Chocolate & orange cake

I asked for hot green tea after the meal but the crew advised that due to the turbulence they wouldn’t be able to serve hot drinks until after seat belt sign was turned off.

True to their words as soon as it went off my hot green tea was served.

Praline to go with my hot tea

Time to reveal the movie that I was watching:-

Nope we weren't flying to Amritsar


I still had more than an hour to go after finishing the movie and deciding what to watch wasn’t too difficult.


The Best Man

Before I could finish my third episode, the crew went around collecting the headphones in preparation for landing.

OT: Didn't notice the Alonso figurine on my camera bag until that day

Dhaka was kinda dark from the sky, not exactly what I expected from a city of its size.

Despite taking off half an hour late in SIN, the pilots managed to make up for lost time and arrived at DAC only 14 minutes late. The crew gave a typical SQ farewell, thanking each passenger as we were leaving the plane.


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