Completing the ASEAN list III: Tune Hotel Ermita

Completing the ASEAN list: Manila & Taipei 28 April – 1 May 2012

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: SQ 910
Pt III: Tune Hotel Ermita
Pt IV: Manila
Pt V: 5J 310
Pt VI: Hope Hotel, Taipei
Pt VII: Taipei 臺北
Pt VIII: SQ879
Pt IX: Epilogue

Tune Hotel Ermita

Tune Hotel Ermita, part of the AirAsia group, was recently opened in March 2012. I needed a cheap place to stay for the night and its base price of 588 PHP (+ 135 PHP taxes) fitted the bill. Its pricing model was typically AirAsia’s; I had to pay extra 420 PHP for “12 hours of air-con, 24 hours of TV, 24 hours of WiFi and towel and toiletries”.

It is located on A. Mabini St in Ermita, a short walk away from Hyatt Manila. Location-wise it was not bad, with Robinson Plaza (one of the many big shopping malls in Manila) just round the corner. There were many bars and pubs around the neighbourhood as well but I didn’t check those out.

As there were two groups of people ahead of me, I had to wait a while before being served by the receptionist. After confirming that I would be staying for one night, I was given the access card to Room 418, remote control for TV, a password for WiFi and a red bag with towel and toiletries.

Advertising space below room numbers – A price for everything for Fernandes

First impression – Pretty new and clean

Booked a double but given a twin

Save the Earth

Flat screen TV with over 100 channels

No escape from the ads even in the toilet

View through my room window

The password for WiFi didn’t seem to work and I went down to the lobby again. The receptionist rectified the problem and I took the chance to snap some pictures of the lobby area.

Lobby – with computers for guests’ use (need password to log on though)

Rather spartan I would say

Taken from Level 4 lift lobby

I went back to my room for shower before deciding how to spend rest of the day.

Red bag…

…and its content

On the way out later in the evening I dropped by the 7-11 located at the entrance of the hotel to pick up some water. No picture of it though.

On the way back I remembered to take photographs of the exterior.

Neon Red

You wouldn’t miss it

The joy of having two beds – space to throw things around

Seemed more happening than in the day

When I checked out the following day, I decided to leave my backpack with the reception. While most places around the world would do it for free, the hotel charged me 60 PHP. It was yet another way to generate ancillary revenue from Tony Fernandes.

Post-stay thoughts

I don’t think that I can get any better place for the price that I paid. The beds were really comfortable and the location was convenient as well. The staff did nothing really exemplary; most were quite helpful when I asked for their assistance though. I would return if I were to visit Manila again although I doubt that it would be anytime soon.


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