Trans-Mongolian Odyssey Pt I: Prologue

Trans-Mongolian Odyssey

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Planning

6 Travelers
5 Timezones
4 Train rides
3 Countries
2 Continents
1 Adventure

How it all began…

The idea was first mooted after Lewis returned from Beijing in July 2011. He had been researching about visiting Mongolia while he was in China. However getting to and from there during Naadam season was always challenging without prior planning and he ended up visiting Changbaishan on the North Korean border instead.

After his return, he asked if I would be interested to visit Mongolia, probably some time in 2012.

“Why not?” was my reply. Although Mongolia wasn’t at the top on my list of countries to visit, it was hard for me to say no to a chance to tick off a new country.

After some thinking and a little research, I upped the stakes and counter-proposed: How about doing the Trans-Mongolian?

To my surprise Lewis was open to my suggestion…


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