Seoul Delightful Pt V: Day 3 – Seoul Museum of History & Lotte World

Pt I: Prologue
Pt III: Day 1 – Itaewon, Namdaemun, Myeongdong & Namsan Park
Pt IV: Day 2 – DMZ Tour
Pt V: Day 3 – Seoul Museum of History & Lotte World
Pt VI: Day 4 – Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon & Bukchon
Pt VII: Day 5 – Insadong & Dongdaemun
Pt IX: Epilogue

Knowing that it would be a rainy day from the forecast, we decided to spend our days mainly indoors.

First up was Seoul Museum of History, located several minutes’ walk from Gwanghwamun station on Seoul Subway Line 5.

Seoul Museum of History

Although not really a must-see in for a visitor in Seoul, it was a nice place to spend a couple of hours in (especially during the rain) and I learned quite a bit about the history of Seoul there. The explanations are trilingual in Korean, English and Chinese although I would say the Chinese explanations are better than the English ones.

Old map of Seoul

Traditional Korean family


Queen’s hanbok

Hat maker

Craftsman selling his ware

Loading the boat

Found some terminals where we could listen to stories from old times


Expo Poster

Westerners in early 20th century Seoul

Barber shop


Billiard hall


Pics after end of WW2 A

Pics after end of WW2 B

Seoul ’88 posters

Be the Reds

Dae Han Min Guk

Lunch was at a nondescript place on our walk back to Gwanghwamun Station. Ordered a few dishes to share among ourselves.



Beef soup

After the lunch my parents and us split up; they would go to visit one of the casinos in Seoul while I would follow the girls to Lotte World, the largest indoor amusement park in Asia.

Saw Park along the way

We bought our tickets from a vending machine which kept rejecting our notes.

My after4 special pass

There was a discount for foreigners and my sis and I only needed to pay 26,000 KRW for an adult after4 special pass. No one was around to check our passports though.

Entering Lotte World

Ice-skating rink

Being a Saturday the place was filled with screaming kids and courting couples. However, one thing that struck me that almost none of the staff smiled. It was a strange atmosphere and there was no joy in the air at all. Lotte World must be a depressing place to work in.

The queues were long and the waiting time quite staggering.

150 minutes? No thanks

One of the less crowded rides was the one which could only be rode by kids.

Girl on extreme left: Sian max

Here we go


We also happened to see a parade.

World Tram Tour

With the crazy waiting times, it made sense for us to visit the Korean Folk Museum inside Lotte World.










Miniature buildings

The displays were rather similar to the Seoul Museum of History which we visited earlier so it was a bit of an overload by then.


On our way out we passed by a function room where a wedding seemed to take place. Made me wonder if the guests need to pay admission to attend the wedding. Probably the invitation could get them in without paying.

Back outside

Carousel (of Stairway to Heaven fame)

Just as we were walking around, we ran into some paintings which were made for creating optical illusions.


My hand!!

Can’t pull it out

Eaten alive





Convict 1

Convict 2

Convict 3

Convict 4

Round the corner from these paintings was the queue for the monorail which was relatively short. That would be our first ride of the day.

World Monorail Central Station

Here it comes

The monorail went a loop of the indoor theme park; on days with good weather, the monorail will go to the outdoor theme park as well and one can stop off at the station there.

Taken from the monorail

After the monorail, we went to watch some show for kids which was incomprehensible for us. We got out after a while and were fascinated by the 360 degree turn of the roller-coaster.

Roller-coaster track


Next up we joined the queue for bumper cars. Half-way inside the queue, I realized that my ticket was missing and started to search frantically for it. Probably dropped it inside the kiddie show theatre. Luckily the ride crew just waved us through and didn’t check for our tickets.

The weather by then was slightly better and we decided to take a look at the rides at the outdoor theme park.

Ripoff from Disney


The dining outlets were much less crowded than those inside the indoor theme park and we decided to have our dinner there.

Chalet Cafe

Burgers and Coke

After the meal, we went back inside to escape the cold.

Back inside

Many of the rides were suspended for the impending show and the girls decided to get their photos taken around the park while waiting for the show to start.

Halloween Party

Adventure Station



Show starting


To be honest, the so-called headline show was disappointing. The storyline was kinda lame and while the pyrotechnics were generous, it didn’t add anything much to the experience (except for scaring a kid or two).

The girls decided to go for one last ride before going back: carousel.


Just as we were about to leave, there was some performance at the stage. Like all good live performers in the region, they were Filipinos.


It turned out to be quite entertaining and the band even invited a couple up to roleplay for a Korean ballad.

Finale: Kids invited on-stage to dance

Mural on our way out

I wouldn’t exactly recommend Lotte World, especially on weekends. The rides were kinda dated and the waiting times were too long. There must be better places to spend a rainy afternoon.

It was a long train ride back to our accommodation at Itaewon and on our walk back from the station, we ran into a Halloween Party.


By then I was too drained to join in.


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