Seoul Delightful Pt VI: Day 4 – Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon & Bukchon

Pt I: Prologue
Pt III: Day 1 – Itaewon, Namdaemun, Myeongdong & Namsan Park
Pt IV: Day 2 – DMZ Tour
Pt V: Day 3 – Seoul Museum of History & Lotte World
Pt VI: Day 4 – Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon & Bukchon
Pt VII: Day 5 – Insadong & Dongdaemun
Pt IX: Epilogue

No visit to Korea is complete without eating Samgyetang and what’s better than eating at the famous Toksochon.

Toksochon – no queues yet

We ordered three chickens to share between us and the portions were more than enough.

Black and white chickens

The chickens were stuffed with glutinous rice which made for a filling meal.

Extra ginseng

We also got extra ginseng (6000 KRW) for one of the chickens. Not sure if it’s worth the extra money though.

By the time we were done, long queues were formed outside the shop.


No surprising though since the soup was indeed quite nice.

From Toksochon we walked towards Gyeongbokgung, one of the former royal palaces in Seoul. My parents didn’t fancy going in to visit and were happy with a photograph.

In front of palace’s entrance

The Nike 10km run in Seoul happened to be on the same day and the runners were starting to stream in for the flag off at Gwanghwamun when we were there.


Road’s closed

Pre-race pics

Route info


There was a flash mob with the participants dancing to songs such as ‘Party Rock Anthem’, ‘YMCA’ and last but not least ‘Gangnam Style’.

Sisters posing in front of King Sejong’s statue

Beneath the square is Story of Admiral Yi Sunshin, a free museum which turned out to be quite interesting.


Exhibition area

Model of Admiral Yi’s warship

The place also featured a free 4D show. It was impressive and I believe that there is substantial investment in the museum.

Model for 3D glasses

4D show

Cheonggyecheon, a few blocks away, was our next stop.

Relaxing by the stream


I suspect that the decorations were for some festival

While walking towards Bukchon, we passed by Jogyesa, a famous Buddhist temple in Seoul.

Entrance to Jogyesa

Inside the compound

What really impressed us were the designs made of plants.





It took us some time to locate the information centre for Bukchon and we almost gave up halfway.


Re-creation of traditional Korean houses

After locating it and getting a map, we made our way to where the actual houses are. We spotted a shop selling deokbukki and bought some as snack.

Spicy rice cakes – yummy

Lots of tourists

Down the memory lane



One of my cousins is a fan of Lee Min-ho and I pointed out to her that one of his dramas was filmed here.

There was still time before sunset and I thought that we could visit one more place – Namsangol Hanok Village.

As the place charges no admission fee, it was popular with Chinese tourist groups. This attracted Korean Falungong members to place their protest materials outside the village.

Chinese atrocities against Falungong members

Inside the compound was a re-creation of a traditional Korean village and there would some activities which kids can participate in. We even spotted a couple getting their wedding photos taken inside.

Traditional house


Fall colours

Basket weavers

Wedding shot

Another Insta

It was close enough to walk to Myeongdong where we had our first BBQ dinner in Korea.

Then you see it…

… now you don’t!

The girls were especially happy having barbecued meat for dinner. Spent some time strolling around in Myeongdong before calling it a day.


When life throws you lemons…

Korean street food – too full to eat more


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