Seoul Delightful Pt VII: Day 5 – Insadong & Dongdaemun

Pt I: Prologue
Pt III: Day 1 – Itaewon, Namdaemun, Myeongdong & Namsan Park
Pt IV: Day 2 – DMZ Tour
Pt V: Day 3 – Seoul Museum of History & Lotte World
Pt VI: Day 4 – Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon & Bukchon
Pt VII: Day 5 – Insadong & Dongdaemun
Pt IX: Epilogue

We decided to sleep in and didn’t get going until after noon.

After a late breakfast, we made our way to Insadong.


It’s quite a touristy place with many souvenir shops.

Walking down Insadong

One of the many souvenir shops


Inside Ssamziegil


Saw a boy getting his caricature drawn by the artist. Very nice!

Back on the street

Tapgol Park was round the corner and we went in to have a look.


Someone famous

After Insadong, we decided to go the Dongdaemun area to do more shopping.

On the way we met Cha father and son

Dongdaemun – with filter

It took us sometime to figure out where exactly the shopping places were but the detour netted us some afternoon snacks.

Wholesale market

Yummy tea

Pyounghwa Clothing Market – many shops were not opened yet

Through the narrow alleys

The girls managed to pick up a jacket each, after some intense (but very friendly) bargaining by my mom.

All smiles

Dinner for my parents and the girls was at a Chinese place nearby.


Waiting for food

Korean Chinese food – Fried rice and Jajangmyun

My dinner though would be with S, who flew in from SIN earlier in the day. This would be his 3rd trip to Seoul in three years and this time would be with his colleagues.

We arranged to meet at Myeongdong and he would bring us to eat at a famous place where his Korean friends brought him the previous times.

Along the way…

Before and After

Rush Hour: Seoul

Dinner place

Menu written on a giant spoon

Many many side dishes




It was still quite early when I got back from my super full meal. Sis and I decided to grab some Korean snacks from the supermarket before closing time.

Our stash

Now the trip’s complete.


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