沪杭 Pt II: 3K 831

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: 3K 831
Pt III: Hangzhou
Pt IV: Shanghai
Pt V: F1
Pt VI: The Long Way Home

After half a day’s work, I returned home for some lunch and packing before making my way to the airport on public transport.

Bus 27

Baggage drop was a breeze since we did OLCI earlier. Decided to get an early dinner at Burger King which overlooked the C gates.

Indonesia AirAsia

Qantas, BA & Biman


There were four or five security personnel working at the gate and interestingly an Indian guy was assigned to be stationed before X-ray machine. Passengers needed to remove laptops and iPads from their bags before scanning and he had to repeatedly say “Dian nao (computer) iPad” to the PRC passengers who had no idea what he was saying.

Both parties were frustrated as the bags had to be re-scanned after the laptops and iPads were removed. Thought that Changi Airport could do better by swapping him with the Chinese lady who was checking passport details at the entrance of the gate.

Flight: Jetstar Asia 3K 831
Depart: Singapore (SIN) – 18:30
Arrive: Hangzhou (HGH) – 23:35
Duration: 5h5m
Distance: 2261 miles (3639 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Registration: 9V-JSN
Seat: 16 F

It appeared that the flight was almost full and the passengers seemed to be mainly PRC passengers heading home. I wondered how many of them actually bought the tickets at our fare.

9V-JSN is a relatively new plane (delivered new to Jetstar Asia in October 2011) and it uses the new seats with seat pocket at the top.

View from 16F

Inside the seat pocket

Beside us was Air France’s Boeing 777-300ER.

Bound for CDG later

An ad inside the magazine caught my eye.

No need/money for it though

Our flight was slightly delayed in pushing back (not sure if it had anything to do with the delays at the gate security) and we had to make the long trek to the runway parallel to T2.

Going over ECP

Sun setting

Took off

Soon after taking off, it was apparent that the man in 17F was a passenger from hell.

My right elbow felt a nudge – EEKS!

Shoot and shame

He didn’t stay long in the position and began to kick against the back of my seat instead.

This, together with the thin seat cushion, made me feel as if I was sitting on a massage chair (albeit only on one spot).

In the meantime, first round of inflight sales commenced and the crew went through the aisle selling food and beverages and duty free items. Didn’t buy anything though.

An hour or so into the flight, 17F started to sneeze and cough and it got us kinda worried. Could he be an index case? Would those sitting around him (us included) need to be quarantined if he was? Scary thought.

I decided to occupy myself with the magazine instead.

I doubt that Jetstar would select my story about 17F as a winner

At about 2.5 hours into the flight, there was a second round of inflight sales. The crew didn’t seem to take it too seriously though; one of the male crew members by the name of H went down the aisle announcing “Flutes and dlinks?” and “Good-looking people passing through”. While amusing, I didn’t thank that it was professional of the crew to make fun of the passengers’ inability to comprehend English.

Later in the flight 17F striked again; this time with both feet.



Finally gf couldn’t take it anymore and called for a crew member.

“先生,你可以把你的脚放下来吗?(你)不能踩在椅子上。” (Sir, can you put down your feet? You can’t place them on the chairs.)

The female crew curtly told off 17F who didn’t put his feet up afterwards. The kicking continued though.

The flight was memorable for the wrong reasons and both of us were glad when the plane landed at HGH.

Neighbor to a Thai AirAsia

Waiting for luggage


Rather than taking the shuttle bus (20 CNY per person), we decided to cab (97 CNY) instead…


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