BRBDR Pt III: Phoenix Hotel and Yogyakarta

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Getting There
Pt III: Phoenix Hotel and Yogyakarta
Pt IV: Borobudur
Pt V: Kaliurang (and rest of the day)
Pt VI: Village Cycling Tour & Paprika
Pt VII: Going Home
Pt VIII: Epilogue

No check-in bags meant that we could just walk out to the arrivals. The pre-paid taxi counter was to the right when we exited from the baggage belts and it cost 50,000 IDR to our hotel.

Airport Taxi

While the traffic wasn’t as bad as Jakarta’s, the roads were still crowded during lunch hour on Thursday. It took us around 45 minutes to reach Phoenix Hotel.

The Phoenix Hotel

Waiting for the van to move off

The ladies at the reception were really friendly and brought us welcome drinks while one of them was checking us in. After a few taps on the computer, the receptionist informed us that we would be upgraded to the Executive Room.

However we would need to wait for housekeeping to complete their job first. We spent next 20 minutes or so exploring the hotel.

Opened by Governor

Waiting room

Phoenix everywhere

Fountain in the courtyard

Our room (think it was 327) was on the third floor in the other wing and it took us a few wrong turns before we found it.

Walking to the other wing


Both of us were pleasantly surprised with the size of our Executive Room; the bedroom was separated from the living room and the toilet was huge as well.

Living Room

Door to bedroom

King bed

Bath tub

Balcony overlooking swimming pool

The hotel also provided a nice touch with a welcome card and fruits in the living room.

Welcome Card

All these for S$75 per night? What a bargain!

The early start had taken a toll on us and we slept for most of the afternoon. The rain didn’t help either and we only got going after the rain had stopped at around 4pm.

Swimming pool after the rain

We decided to walk to Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta’s major shopping street.

We turned left after this junction

Graffiti 1

Graffiti 2

Love Hate Love is Jogja

It took us around 20 minutes to talk to Jalan Malioboro and we needed to cross the train tracks at Tugu Station. Somehow I only took one blurry shot of the street.

Here you go – Jalan Malioboro

One of the features of Yogyakarta is the horse cart or dokar but I didn’t remember to take a picture. We saw one that was (over)loaded with more than 10 people. Amazing.

We had an early dinner (noodles) in the relative comfort of Malioboro Mall before going back to the streets again. I managed to get a XL SIM card for 31,000 IDR (include cut to micro SIM) in one of the handphone shops.

Getting my sim card

Despite that the sun had set, I was sweating from the heat and Ying suggested that we headed to McDonald’s (OMG! Twice in a day) for desserts. Before we went back to our hotel (by taxi 15,000 IDR), we went to the supermarket and bought some foodstuff.

Took some more photos at the hotel before retiring early for another morning call the next day.


Portrait of Sultan


Night shot of fountain

Swimming pool by night

Lovely hotel, isn’t it?


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