BRBDR Pt IV: Borobudur

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Getting There
Pt III: Phoenix Hotel and Yogyakarta
Pt IV: Borobudur
Pt V: Kaliurang (and rest of the day)
Pt VI: Village Cycling Tour & Paprika
Pt VII: Going Home
Pt VIII: Epilogue

Waking up at 3am was never easy. The driver called me to inform that he had arrived and we were out on the road by 3.30am.

It took us around one hour to reach Hotel Manohara where we paid 380,000 IDR (~37 USD) for the Borobudur sunrise tour.

This must be the biggest scam since there wasn’t really much of a ‘tour’; a staff handed us a torch each and helped us with the sarong before leading us to the entrance of the monument where we were left to climb the monument. Basically we were paying a premium for getting in early; although to put things in perspective, a regular entrance ticket for foreigners is 20 USD.

The climb up was easier than I had imagined and we reached the top within 20 minutes. Despite the workout, it was chilly on the summit of Borobudur with the cold winds. It was too dark to see anything so we just found a spot facing east and waited for the sun to rise.

The sky was still dark

While waiting, Ying thought that it would be cool to draw with the torch.



Sun still climbing

Like this pic

Like in Hangzhou/Shanghai, we took pictures of our Converses.

Converseation I

After the sun was up, we started exploring Borobudur downwards.

Uncovered Buddha

Very popular

Upclose and personal

Why take a photo when you can draw

Looking down

The other way



(Mythical) Animal spotted – Garuda

Animal spotted – Lion

Calm and quiet

Converseations II


Every wall tells a story

Not sure what they meant though

Taken from the base

No sarong required for the locals?

As we were exiting the site, peddlers approached us with wares to offer. Ying was convinced by one of them to get some postcards.

Only saw this sign at the end of our visit

Final look

We reached Hotel Manohara by 8am and were given scarves (similar design to the sarongs that we used earlier) in exchange for returning the torches. It took us quite a bit of effort to communicate to our driver that we wished to have breakfast; he drove us to an eating place around 20 minutes away.

Super salty noodles, soto ayam and tempe bakar

We would fall asleep for the rest of the car journey and only woke up closer to our next destination: Kaliurang.


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