BRBDR Pt VII: Going Home

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Getting There
Pt III: Phoenix Hotel and Yogyakarta
Pt IV: Borobudur
Pt V: Kaliurang (and rest of the day)
Pt VI: Village Cycling Tour & Paprika
Pt VII: Going Home
Pt VIII: Epilogue

Late check-out wasn’t possible on our last day but to the hotel’s credit, they offered us the use of pool for the rest of the day. We didn’t utilize the offer and chose to check out at 12 noon.

Turned out that it wasn’t the best of days for us. First the roadside stalls weren’t open for lunch. Then the cab which we took went the wrong way and couldn’t find the cafe that we wanted to go. The cafe that we wanted to go had changed its name. The cafe (Waterbank) only had us as customers and the food took forever to arrive. It was too late to stay on after lunch and we ended up going to McD where there were air-con and sundae.

When you had nowhere to go in Yogyakarta…

The cab to the airport cost 40k IDR, 10k less than the one from airport. We were dropped off at the very crowded kerbside.

To my left

To my right

Like in CGK and SUB, we needed to show the confirmation of our tickets before being allowed inside the terminal. Check-in for our flight to CGK had only just started.

Queue for flight to Jakarta

Long queue for other flights

No access to GA lounge

We could only get the boarding pass for the JOG-CGK sector; we would need to re-check in at CGK. The domestic airport tax was included in Garuda’s fare so we could cut the queue and went in front of those who had to pay the airport tax.

The waiting area was overcrowded and we couldn’t find seats initially.


Since there were no seats, we decided to see what was being sold in the overpriced shops.

Beng Beng for sale

We managed to find seats eventually and I went to do some spotting after that.

Express Air & Sriwijaya


When boarding was announced, it was already dark.

Walking to our plane

Used the rear door

Boarding with both doors was much faster than through a single aerobridge.

Flight: Garuda Indonesia GA 215
Depart: Yogyakarta (JOG) – 18:25
Arrive: Jakarta (CGK) – 19:40
Duration: 1h15m
Distance: 283 miles (455 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: PK-GMY
Seat: 23 F


Lights dimmed for take-off

Byebye Jogja

Snack boxes

The flight was very similar to CGK-JOG, except that there was no box on the outbound.

IFE – couldn’t recall what I watched

Landing in CGK

Our plane was connected to aerobridge and it took ages to disembark. I began to worry a little as it was getting close to the check-in deadline for CGK-SIN.

To my horror, instead of being allowed to walk into the terminal, we were shepherded to buses. We couldn’t even got onto the earlier one because it was too full and had to get on the next one. Then I realized that our plane was parked at Terminal 2E, an international terminals, and we needed to be bussed to the domestic terminal 2F.

By the time we found our way to the check-in counters for international flights, we had only 10 minutes left.

Checking in at CGK

The normal queue was quite long and didn’t seem to be moving. I decided to take matters in my own hands and approached a Garuda staff and explained to him our issue. He didn’t seem sympathetic but he directed me to one of the premium lines with shorter queue.

We paid the airport tax of 150k IDR at check-in and were given seats 24 E and F. After checking in, we proceed immediately to clear immigration.

CGK air-side

Ying and I spent most of our remaining IDRs on a dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (Terminal 2D air-side) to bring back to Singapore.

At the waiting area, we occupied ourselves with a copy of Tempo that we found on the bench. Most of it was Indonesian but it was interesting looking at the pictures of the different tourist destinations in Indonesia.

It made me realize how huge Indonesia is; although I had been to quite a few places in Indonesia, it seemed that I was barely scratching the surface. There are still so many places to visit and explore right at Singapore’s door step.

Both of us were quite happy when boarding was announced. It was only then I realized that I would be on the same plane (PK-GMY) as the previous flight.

Same plane!

Flight: Garuda Indonesia GA 836
Depart: Jakarta (CGK) – 20:55
Arrive: Singapore (SIN) – 23:45
Duration: 1h50m
Distance: 549 miles (884 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: PK-GMY
Seat: 24 F

Welcome drink

One thing seemed to be constant about CGK was the delay. Take-off was delayed for half an hour, same as CGK-JOG on the outbound.

Both of us were famished by then and Garuda’s catering didn’t disappoint.

Awesome chicken rendang

No alcohol was served on the domestic flights but they were served on international ones.

Annoyingly, I experienced another foot incident.


Despite all the hoo-ha about haze, we landed at a relatively clear Singapore. Immigration lines at T3 were one of the longest that I had experienced but we got through in around 15 minutes. Took the cab home since there was no more public transport. On hindsight, we should have opted for the earlier flights.


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