BRBDR Pt VIII: Epilogue

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Getting There
Pt III: Phoenix Hotel and Yogyakarta
Pt IV: Borobudur
Pt V: Kaliurang (and rest of the day)
Pt VI: Village Cycling Tour & Paprika
Pt VII: Going Home
Pt VIII: Epilogue


Garuda has a great short-haul hard product; the seats are comfortable and the IFE perfectly adequate for the flights. The crew were friendly and efficient (a rare trait in Indonesia) but the ground staff at CGK could do more in helping transit passengers.

The need to re-check-in at CGK for the return flight was troublesome and I would prefer that both boarding passes were issued at JOG. CGK was not the easiest place to transit; I am more inclined to look for direct flights to other Indonesian cities than to fly via CGK in the future.


It was a great stay at Phoenix Hotel. We got upgraded to an Executive Room which was spacious. The service was excellent throughout although the housekeeping could still improve. We had noticed that the cutlery that we used were not cleared away during housekeeping. Nevertheless it was still value-for-money and I would recommend anyone visiting Yogyakarta to stay there.


Although the main reason for us to be in Yogyakarta was to visit Borobudur, I ended up enjoying the village cycling tour the most. The guides were friendly and energetic and I appreciated the knowledge that they shared with us. Really highly recommend the tour.

Jeep tour at Kaliurang was another surprise. Despite the language barrier, we got to learn quite a bit about the Merapi eruption and how the locals’ lives were affected. Definitely an interesting excursion.

Borobudur was alright. The entrance fee was exorbitant at 20 USD and the sunrise tour was even more expensive. It’s a great monument but I’m not sure if it’s worth a visit again.


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