Taiwan with Bosses Pt II: SIN-TPE

Pt I: Prologue

I got a lift from my brother who dropped me at the airport at around 11.30pm, almost two hours before our scheduled departure time of 1.15am.

All of us came within minutes of one another and after passing through the immigration, we all went to the food court for some supper. It was already showing “Last Call” when we arrived at Gate D36.

Last Call

It wasn’t exactly “Last Call” since we still had to wait to board.

Boss Ray with the donuts that his gf bought for him

Flight: Jetstar Asia 3K 723
Depart: Singapore (SIN) – 1:15
Arrive: Jakarta (CGK) – 6:00
Duration: 4h45m
Distance: 2005 miles (3227 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Registration: 9V-JSJ
Seat: 18 A

View from 18A

Boss Swee in high spirits despite the late hours

Another Jetstar beside us

Seat pocket content

Interview with the cover model

Some advice for Taiwan

I conked out soon after take-off and there was already light outside when I woke up.


It was cloudy for most of the flight and I only saw land when we were descending.


After landing, it was a long taxi to TPE Terminal 1 and I saw mostly BR planes and some CX ones.

BR’s 77W

CX 744

(Stolen from Raymond) Queue at TPE


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