Striked Out in Kochi Pt IV: Bad News

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Getting There
Pt III: Sonnetta’s Sonata
Pt IV: Bad News

While in the process of getting the elusive refund from Mr Sonnetta, we were hit by a bigger news: the unions had called for a 2-day strike across India.

We decided to have breakfast first before deciding our next course of action.

Breakfast place with Chinese lanterns

Ying’s string hoppers (with awesome curry)

My cheese omelette

After breakfast we walked around Princess Street. It appeared that Kochi started their day late.

God’s Own Country

Pretty quiet

The tranquility was broken by a monkey.

Monkey trouble

We lost interest after a while and continued to explore the immediate environs of Princess Street.

(From Ying) Bicycle on dilapidated wall

(From Ying) Awesome wall art

(From Qinyao) Close-up

(From Qinyao) Bird

(From Qinyao) Pink

You know that you’re in the Sub-continent when you see scenes like this:-


(From Ying) Tuktuk ma’am?

There were several places which offered cooking classes and we were thinking of doing it during the strike.

(From Qinyao) One of the cooking class operators

There were numerous travel agencies on Princess Street and we poked our heads into one of them. The proprietor confirmed that the nation-wide strike would be on and there would be no tours the next day and the day after.

When asked what the locals do during strike, the proprietor smiled and said, “Maybe I’ll go fishing.”

I like him already.

Ahead of the strike, we could still go on a backwater tour (450 INR each) that afternoon. The travel agent issued us a receipt and asked us to be back by 1pm.

We decided to go next door for ice-cream first.

Choosing the flavor

The strike seemed more serious than it seemed; apparently there wouldn’t be any public transportation. Earlier at the guesthouse, I had overheard the conversation between Mr Sonnetta and one of the European tourists whose flight was leaving the next day. The Police would provide an escort so that tourists could make it to their flights safely. Our own plan to visit Munnar was out in smoke too.

Not cool.

Lunch was at a eating place called Chariot Beach. Wait was long and food was only so so.

Documented by Qinyao:-

This was our only disappointing meal at Fort Kochi… The food got much better!


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