SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt IV – BnB 10 Min from Airport Zurich

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Our lovely room

Being a business city, Zurich’s hotel rates are sky high and it was natural that we looked at Airbnb options. There were several affordable options and in the end I chose to book Gerda & Daniel’s BnB 10 Min from Airport Zurich. The pictures of the property were great and it cost us only 66 USD for the night.

A week before the stay I sent a message about our early arrival and Daniel replied that it would be possible for us to leave the bags from 8am onwards. The instructions were clear; we would take Bus 765 from the airport and stopped at the bus stop (Talgüetli) which was less than three minutes’ walk to their place.

We found the Airport bus stop located outside Marche and the next Bus 765 would only depart some time later.


Airport Center Exit to bus stop

Bus 765 arriving in 13 minutes

Bus 765 is a local bus so it didn’t come with luggage racks. Fortunately it didn’t get crowded.

Inside Bus 765

Upcoming stops were clearly stated – no worries about missing our stop

It was drizzling when we alighted and the 20 degrees difference between Singapore and Switzerland was a shock to our systems.

Wet and cold Bassersdorf

Luckily Gerda answered the door swiftly and welcomed us in at around half past eight. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Daniel who was away playing golf that weekend. She informed us that our room was actually vacant as the previous guest had left earlier.

Both of us liked the room immediately.

Welcome door

Loved the firm sofa bed

What separate great hosts from good ones are the details. Gerda and Daniel prepared a dossier of important information such as transportation and WiFi password for their guests and there were even recommendations on the restaurants in Bassersdorf. Guidebooks and brochures for Zurich were also laid out on the desk for our use. We couldn’t ask for more.

Info sheets, guidebooks and brochures

We also had a toilet to ourselves but somehow I forgot to take a picture of it.

Gerda gave us a helpful tip of getting a day transportation ticket (since our transportation was covered by Swiss Pass we didn’t need one) when we were heading out for the day in Zurich. Bus 765 took around 5 minutes to reach Bassersdorf train station and from there it was another 20 minutes train ride (S2 or S7) to Zurich Train Station.

When we returned in the evening, Daniel’s brother’s young family were over for visit. He chatted with us briefly and wished us a safe trip when they were leaving.

The house also had a nice kitchen and Ying said that it was the best-equipped one that she had seen.

Looking in

Stoves and sink

We were free to use it to prepare for our dinner (laksa spaghetti using laksa premix) and invited Gerda to join us. We chatted over dinner and got to know them better.

She had wanted to offer us dessert after dinner but she accidentally dropped the cake while taking it out from the fridge.

“Dis ist not good!” She exclaimed sadly while cleaning.

Luckily I managed to make her laugh by saying “luckily it’s not the baby”, referring to their three week-old nephew who visited earlier.

Since we would be leaving early the following morning, Gerda gave us instructions about the next day’s breakfast before going out to meet her friends. We gave her a small souvenir from Singapore and took a picture together.

Our souvenir for her

Gerda with us

It was a self-service breakfast the next morning.

Everything you need for a breakfast

Coffee machine

Toast, jam, coffee and tea

Before leaving, we took some pictures of the dining area and living room. Both of us love the layout of the house.

Dining area

Couch in living room

I would highly recommend this Airbnb property to anyone looking for an affordable place to stay while in Zurich. It is nice and quiet and not that far from Central Zurich. Gerda is a wonderful host; a pity that we didn’t get to meet Daniel but we’re sure that he’s a great host too.

Seen on the apartment’s wall:-

Haha who doesn’t?


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