SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt VI – Morning in Lucerne

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Yes we’re in Luzern

Leaving Daniel & Gerda’s lovely home was difficult but it was something that we had to do. We found ourselves back at Zürich HB by 9.10am, well in time for the 9.35am departure for Lucerne.


Leaving from Platform 1

Our train to Lucerne

Stopping at Thalwil, Baar, Zug, Rotkreuz and Luzern

The seats were noticeably more worn than the Zürich S-Bahn trains that we had been taking.


Despite that, it was right on time like any other Swiss trains that we took.

Baar stop

Leaving Zug

50 minutes after leaving Zürich, we arrived at Lucerne. The first thing that we did was to look for lockers to store our bags and they could be found near Platform 4.


Terms and Conditions (& 9gag)

The day use of the medium-sized locker cost 7 CHF and it could fit both of our 60-liter backpacks.

The weather wasn’t the most ideal so we abandoned our plan to visit Pilatus. We went inside the tourism office and got a map of the town before setting off to explore it.

Luzern HB

I have a question

There was a carnival outside the station although admittedly it was rather quiet so early in the morning.

Carnival poster



Our first sight was Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge. It is one of Switzerland’s most famous tourist attractions and is known for the paintings dated from 17th century. The 1993 fire destroyed many of these paintings and the ones that we saw were restorations done after the incident.



One of the paintings of Kapellbrücke

There were many Chinese tourists who took advantage of their National Day Golden Week holiday.

Very stable

We took the walk down the left bank of River Reuss and took in more sight along the way.

Choo choo train


Doing her best imitation

Streets of Lucerne were quiet on Sunday

Streets of Lucerne were quiet on Sunday

Needle dam

Water gushing

Not too sure how the needle dam works exactly; we were too distracted by the irritating flying insects along the river.

We crossed Reuss on Spreuerbrücke and found the right bank similarly empty. The only place which seemed to be bustling was Heini.


The pizzas lured us in

Pennecotta – yeah we got one

Since it was close to lunch time, we decided to grab some food on-the-go and our choices (15.80 CHF) tasted awesome.


Cheese onion pie

The funny thing was that we didn’t get spoons for our pennecotta and had to improvise with the packaging.

After our meal we walked in the direction of Löwendenkmal.

Crossing the road – feel more like China than Switzerland

Crossing the road – feel more like China than Switzerland

Graffiti seen near Lion Monument

Puppy eyes

Me + dog = ?



Mark Twain had called the sculpture “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world” and it wasn’t hard to see why.

With reflection

Helvetiorum Fidei ac Virtuti

The Chinese tourists didn’t seem to dwell on the sadness behind the story of the sculpture; they were busy photographing one another doing incredulous poses. That must be the latest craze in China now…

With the afternoon still ahead of us in Lucerne, we decided to visit the Swiss Transport Museum or Verkehrhaus der Schweiz, touted as the best museum in Switzerland.

More about it in the next post!


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