SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt VII – Verkehrhaus der Schweiz

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Verkehrhaus der Schweiz

Initially I had wanted to write about our visit to the Swiss Transport Museum as part of our day in Lucerne. However we felt that it deserved a separate post on its own after the visit.

To reach the museum from Lion Monument, we caught Bus 23 from Löwenplatz to Luzern Bahnhof, crossed the street and then took Trolleybus 8 until Verkehrhaus station.

Boring machine for Gotthard Tunnel at entrance

Before entering the museum, we decided to take a stroll along Lake Lucerne.

Awesome location by the beautiful Lake

Statue by the sea


Going in

Our ticket cost 15 CHF instead of 30 CHF due to our Swiss Saver Pass. It would be really steep if we had to pay the full amount.

The museum is divided into areas for the different forms of transportation (rail, road, water and air) as well as communications. The first area that we visited was on rail transportation.


Named after Swiss canton



Very technical explanation

View from level 2



Interesting looking carriage

What really impressed us was the hands-on activities which kids were able to participate. At the rail area, kids could learn how the rail tracks work.


Train’s moving

Here comes the red train



In the outdoor part of the museum, there was something like a road safety park where children could learn about traffic rules.

Road safety park

There was also a construction yard where the kids could find out whether they have what it takes to be a member of the construction crew. They were clearly enjoying themselves.

Construction site

Construction site

Construction site

Construction site

Youngest construction crew ever

I gave it a try too

Off to work


Another feature which impressed us were the display of road signs.

Signs on main roads

Signs on main roads

Signs on expressways

Signs on expressways

Signs on minor roads

Signs on expressways

The building with the road signs naturally focused on the exhibits related to road transportation.

The different warning signs

Various car components

Various car components

Crash-test for kids (Only 10 km/h)

X-rays of truck content

Beside the various hands-on activities (eg. test whether your eyesight is good enough for driving), the highlight of the road transport section got to be the Autoteatro.

Counting down

Disguised as a TV show, it is highly interactive and the audience can choose to see the vehicles that they want to view by pressing the button in front. We had much fun voting despite not understanding German.


Audience making their choice

F1 car won!

Spotlight on

Apparently it always wins

Next car: Lambo

Next car: Lambo

Close up

Despite Switzerland being a landlocked country, there is a section devoted to water transport.

Shoveling coal

Figure head

Silver ship

Located in the same building as the water transport exhibits was an interactive element which I couldn’t quite figure out how to use it.

Greetings must be done in 4 different languages

How do I use it?

No one else had problems though

Gave up

The next section that we visited was the Hans Erni Museum. Hans Erni is a local artist and a large number of his artworks are in the museum. Beside his works, there was also a corner for visitors to showcase their talents in art.

Trying her hand


Up there with the best

Air travel was probably the section which I had the most interest in. There were quite a number of planes and models on display there.

No surprise that Swissair is featured here

Older planes

Even older

Model planes

Live information from ZRH

Live information from ZRH

A taste of being on a paraglider

If only…

The star of the air travel exhibits was actually located outside.

Convair 990 Coronado

The model was considered as a failure

We could walk inside!

Lounge chairs

Named after the Canton


A more successful model was displayed as well.

Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-3

Human-powered plane

Just before leaving, we discovered that there was a section dedicated to communications.

All the Swiss TV stations were shown

You could be a newscaster too

Visitors could stand in front of the green background and pretended that they were somewhere else. The videos of their clowning could be viewed on a console. Hilarious max.

Before leaving:-

Happy visitors!

We thought that Verkehrhaus der Schweiz was 15 CHF well-spent; I wouldn’t mind paying the full price either. Learned quite a lot of things in an interesting manners. If only all museums are as engaging!


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