Fragrant Harbor and Deep Drains Pt I: Prologue

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Tigerair 2962

The idea of going to Hong Kong started with Ying’s dream of completing her “Disney World Tour”.

Hong Kong Disneyland was the last Disney theme park that she hadn’t visited; years earlier the lucky girl had been to the ones in Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo and Paris. In contrast the only Disneyland that I had visited was Hong Kong’s.

The initial plan was to go during the Deepavali long weekend but we thought that it was too close to our trip to Europe. Then Deepavali changed from being on a Sunday to a Saturday and it meant that the long weekend could be any time in the month.

A brainwave struck me; SQ has a daily A380 flight to HKG and Suites class costs only 31,875 Krisflyer miles one-way. Choosing between going there and coming back was a tough choice; in the end we chose to keep the best for last and decided to experience SQ suites on our way back from HKG.

After checking that there were two redemption seats on SQ861 on 2 Dec, Ying and I snagged them up (61.40 SGD in taxes each ) as soon as our credit miles are converted. Tigerair was the cheapest option (103 SGD) to get us to HKG although the departure was brutal at 0620 hrs.

HKG accommodation is expensive so we turned to Airbnb again. We found a budget studio apartment in Jordan for S$85 per night, a steal for its central location.

A few weeks before the trip, Ying’s relatives from Shenzhen came to Singapore to attend her brother’s wedding. They invited us to visit them in Shenzhen when we were in Hong Kong. Since she hadn’t been there for a long time (and I hadn’t visited before), we made plans to visit Shenzhen on a day trip.


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