Fragrant Harbor and Deep Drains Pt II: Tigerair 2962

Fragrant Harbor and Deep Drains
Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: Tigerair 2962

Despite the early departure, my father gave us a ride to Changi T2 which was surprisingly busy at 5am.

Heading somewhere this early Friday morning

Despite having done online check-in, we still needed to get our boarding passes verified.

Queue at web check-in counter

It didn’t took us long before our boarding passes were stamped and we chose to go to the air-side for breakfast.

Choosing between Tip Top and Killiney

Fried bee hoon and curry puff from Tip Top

As Ying decided to grab some cookies as gifts to her relatives, we only reached the Gate when it was showing “Last Call”. However there was still quite a number of people who were waiting to go through the security and I still had time to top up my bottle inside the sterile area before boarding.

Flight: Tigerair TR 2962
Depart: Singapore (SIN) – 06:20
Arrive: Hong Kong (HKG) – 10:15
Duration: 3h55m
Distance: 1587 miles (2554 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Registration: 9V-TRH (Liestal)
Seat: 19 A

View from 19A

The usual seat pocket rummage

As you could see, there is an advertisement for Tigerair Standard Chartered credit card. Apparently it comes with some perks such as free seat selection when flying with Tigerair and one could get two one-way tickets if he/she hit a minimum spend of S$5,000 within 12 months. However it’s not really attractive to me; I prefer cards that earn me air miles to redeem on SQ (or other airlines).

I flipped through the in-flight magazine before nodding off.

Skydive the Beach – been there done that!

After I woke up I watched the videos downloaded on my phone. Once in a while I looked out to this view.

Out of the window

Soon we were nearing HKG and I could make out the little islands off China’s coast.


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge?

I didn’t see any terra firma until just before landing.

HKG is clearly CX-central.

How many Cathays were there in this picture?


Parked beside a TG

As I didn’t get the registration number of our aircraft in Singapore, I made a detour after disembarking to snap a photograph of it.

9V-TRH basking in HK sun!

In all, no complaints about the Tigerair’s flight. However I am not sure if I could be stuck in a Tigerair A320 seat for the 4+ hours of flight to Maldives….


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