SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt IX – Sherlock & Aareschlucht

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Meiringen is a small town with only 4000+ residents. Bedok, where I live in Singapore, has around 300,000 in comparison.

Although we had walked through the town when we arrived in the evening, walking through in the day was a different experience.

Neighborhood cat

Crossing River Alpbäch

Which direction?


Neat Swiss town

Meiringen is famous as the place where Sherlock Holmes ‘died’ in the story The Final Problem; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was reportedly so impressed with Meiringen and Reichenbach Falls after his visit in 1893 and thus decided to kill his hero there.

Swiss, being Swiss, milk it for all that it’s worth for tourism.

Sherlock Hotel

Sherlock Lounge

Sherlock sculpture

Sherlock Museum

Outside of the museum there is a series of illustrations of the story The Final Problem

We went to Migros to grab our breakfast for champions: bread and yogurt.

Tortoise bread anyone?

After breakfast we decided to visit the Tourist Information Centre located inside Meiringen train station. There were many brochures on the sights and attractions of the Haslital region which Meiringen is located in.

A friendly girl attended to our questions and suggested that we could visit Aareschlucht, accessible by the Meiringen-Innertkirchen railway. Swiss Pass didn’t cover travel on the railway and we needed to buy a 7.50 CHF ticket which included entrance to Aareschlucht.

Our tickets and train

Following instructions from the girl at Tourist Information Centre, we got off at Aareschlucht Ost, an unique station located inside the tunnel. When the train stopped, the train door and the tunnel door was opened by the train driver for us to exit. It was so incredible that we forgot to take picture of the exit.

Taken from Wikipedia (Author: ZorkNika)

After exiting the station, we would need to cross a suspension bridge before starting our trek through Aareschlucht.

Beautiful scenery


Downstream – the building at the top corner was where our tickets were checked and stamped

Despite the drizzle, we were in great spirit.

Happy to be in Switzerland

Happy to be in Switzerland

Then we came up with the brilliant idea of posing with our Scrabble set.

First of our Scrabble series!

Reaching the entrance to Aareschlucht

The girl inside the building checked our tickets and asked where we came from. I bet that she didn’t get many Singaporeans coming this way.

We came across the warning sign and our first Tatzelwurm.


The walk through the gorge would take approximately 45 minutes according to the brochure; we probably took slightly more due to our stops for photographs.

Entrance of the gorge from the east side

Pretty narrow path

Slightly wider part

View of the top

Someone obviously ignored the warning of not climbing down the gorge

Schraybach Falls

Washing hand

Gotta taste if it’s sweet

The gorge narrowed towards the western end and we had to go through caves as well.

Real close

Inside cave

There were remnants of the old path from the 19th century. I wouldn’t want to walk on them though.

Path from the past

We exited through the west entrance of Aareschlucht and the next train wouldn’t arrive until quite some time later. We decided to make our way back to town which took probably 30 minutes.

Walking along River Aar

Ass for company

Couldn’t resist standing on the rail track

Gnomes spotted

Reichenbach Fall in a distance

Turned out that our accommodation was located on the way back to town and we cooled our heels back there for a while. After some discussion we decided to ditch visiting Reichenbach Fall and opt for cruise on Brienzersee instead.

It was around lunch time when we headed back out to the train station and we decided to treat ourselves to a proper sit-down meal at a restaurant for the first (and only) time in Switzerland.

Restaurant Baer (Opposite Migros)

While it was chilly outside, the restaurant was rather warm inside.

Inside the restaurant


We opted for the 3-course set menu (soup, salad and main) and a beer to share between ourselves (38,40 CHF).

Hubertus – not bad

Soup with noodle inside


Pork with mushroom sauce and macaroni

While filling, Ying wasn’t impressed with the meal and said that the food tasted ‘weird’. Not such problem for me though. It was fuel for our afternoon excursion to Brienz.


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