SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt X – Brienzersee & Meringue

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We didn’t need to wait long for our train to Brienz and I noticed an old friend.

The same conductor from the previous day’s train from Lucerne

Our seats were reserved from Brienz onwards and he informed us about it; I assured him that we would be getting off at Brienz.

Map of Zentralbahn routes

The ride took around 10 minutes and we reached Brienz in no time.

Brienz railway station

Brienz Station is also the lower terminus of Brienz-Rothorn Bahn, the fourth highest railway in Switzerland. The return trip to Rothorn (7.6 km away) was a cool 42 CHF even with our Swiss Pass, something out of our budget. Furthermore the overcast weather probably meant that there wouldn’t be much of a view up in the mountains.

Lake Brienz or Brienzersee was the main reason why we came to Brienz and it didn’t disappoint.

Emerald green

The schedule of the ferry to Interlaken was coordinated with the train arrivals and we missed the 14:40 departure. Luckily the next one was only one hour away (and not 5).

Ferry schedule


Our new must-do activity: Posing with Scrabble

So chilly that the trees need clothes too

To kill time, we took a stroll down the lakefront.

Lakefront cabins – must cost a fortune

Statue of ???

There were some steps along the lakefront and we did the silly thing of getting as close as the water as possible. We didn’t expect waves in a lake but after a ferry (the one that we would be on) sailed by the waves struck and our shoes got wet. Boo.

Ferry named after the village

We chose to sit in the open deck and air our feet in the autumn cold.

Paying for a moment’s folly

Despite the wet shoes, we were still awed by the lovely scenery on Lake Brienz.

Crossing Lake Brienz

South shore

North shore

We wondered how the occupants get up there

Waterfall – the ferry even slowed down to let tourists take pictures

The cold soon got to us and we went inside the cabin for the second half of the ferry journey. Beside the scenery, we were entertained by the-father-and-kids trio who were goofing around on the corridor.

The boy even helped the crew to put up the barrier when the ferry docked

Strandhotel – sign that you’re reaching Interlaken

The ferry terminal was a few minutes’ walk to Interlaken Ost train station where we would catch the 17:20 train back to Meiringen.

Interlaken Ost

Train back to Meiringen

While taking the train photo she realized that she left her lens cap on the ferry -.-

While the ferry took 73 minutes to cross Lake Brienz, the train reached Brienz in fifteen and Meiringen in around half an hour.

We had discovered earlier that Meiringen was reportedly the birthplace of meringue and of course we had to try it.

Bakery where we stopped for meringue

For takeaway

We got our courses order all mixed up and got a meringue (9.50 CHF) to share before dinner. Both of us liked the dessert but avoided the whip cream as far as possible.

Sweet end to our stay in Meiringen


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