SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XII – Lovely Guest Room for 2 in the Alps

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Our accommodation in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is an expensive place and a night in the hotels easily cost a few hundred CHF. There weren’t much Airbnb options inside the country either and I booked the most appealing option for our night in Liechtenstein (106 USD).

It is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

As mentioned in the previous post, our host Christian was waiting for us in front of the porch. I had informed his wife Bettina earlier on our estimated arrival time and they were worried when we failed to show up then. We had missed our connection in Sargans and turned up half an hour later than expected.

We were shown our room, which came with its own entrance and bathroom, located at the lower floor. Bettina and Christian lived upstairs and they invited us to go up for welcome drinks after we settled down.

Bed for the night


While the room seemed a little plain in terms of decor, it was very clean and definitely adequate for the night.

Going up the stairs

Bettina and Christian welcomed us warmly into their house and we were awed by their open kitchen and dining area. They offered us welcome drinks – locally-brewed beers.

Welcome drinks

Conversations began to flow as they were avid travelers as well. They were great conversationalists and the topics covered were diverse. Seeing that we might be hungry during our chit-chat, the welcome drinks became a welcome meal. Bettina offered us her soup and Christian made us raclettes, a traditional Swiss food. We were also treated to schnapps which definitely was an acquired taste.

Our hosts had a great sense of humor too; Bettina remarked that “the map is larger than the town” when she showed us A3-sized map of Vaduz.

We didn’t learn how big their place was until the next morning. Her grandparents used to live there and a large barn was still attached to the house. She had inherited it from her parents several years ago and they remodeled their house. Both Ying and I agreed that we would kill to have a nice house like theirs.

Dining area



Breakfast was included in the rate as well; and Bettina prepared for us toast, yogurt, fruits and home-made jams. She also personally made us tea and coffee and made sure that everything was sufficient.

Our host preparing breakfast for us

Our brekkie

In all, we were really overwhelmed with Liechtensteiner hospitality! Bettina and Christian were easily the best hosts of our trip. I would definitely highly recommend anyone who’s visiting Liechtenstein to consider staying at their place.

Awesome hosts!


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