SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XIV – Railjet RJ 569

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RJ 569

It was only day five and we were already in our third country: Austria. While it was a new country for Ying, I had visited Vienna back in 2011.

It would also be my second time on ÖBB’s Railjet; the first was between Vienna and Budapest as part of my quest to retrace the route taken by Orient Express.

Our tickets were 19€ each and bought three months in advance on ÖBB’s excellent website. Not a bad price (in Europe) for a four-hour rail journey.

Feldkirch Railway Station

Feldkirch didn’t seem as prosperous as Liechtenstein but I was there for only twenty minutes or so and limited to the vicinity of the railway station.

Feldkirch Railway Station


We located at our platform and our train arrived from Bregenz on time.

Our train

Train: ÖBB Railjet RJ 569
Depart: Feldkirch – 16:15
Arrive: Salzburg Hbf – 20:03
Duration: 3h48m
Distance: ~380 km


Like in Switzerland, we didn’t make any reservations and we could take any of the free seats.

View from our seats

Leg room – better than LX Y

German-only magazine – no more multilingual options as in Switzerland

There was a group of Thai women (with their prettyluk khreung kids) in the same carriage as us and we found it quite amazing that they could chat non-stop during the journey. It was cute to see these kids speaking Thai to their mums; maybe one of them will end up as the next big thing in Bangkok in a decade’s time.

There was a screen not too far from us and it displayed important information such as speed and current location.

Still accelerating

Somewhere in Voralberg

Like in the previous two countries, the weather outside wasn’t too good.

Overcast but scenery’s still pretty

Free wifi was available for most part of the journey and we took full advantage of that. Ying could chat with her friend who was starting her own Europe trip (thanks to Swiss’s promotion as well) a week after us.

Crossing Inn river at Innsbruck

It was already dark when we arrived in Salzburg and I was happy since I was getting a little restless.

Salzburg Hbf

Salzburg Hbf

With the help of cached Google Maps, we arrived in Motel One Mirabell Salzburg after a fifteen-minute walk from Salzburg railway station.


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