SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XV – Motel One Mirabell Salzburg & Dinner at PitterKeller

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Motel One Mirabell Salzburg

Salzburg was the first place in the trip that we stayed at a hotel; it was mainly because the Airbnb options were neither close to the centre nor value-for-money. In the end we chose to increase our budget a little and booked a double room at Motel One Mirabell Salzburg for 86€.

There was one person in front of us at the reception when we arrived and we were checked in pretty swiftly. The staff were professional in their dealing with us and generally helpful throughout our stay.

Our room was the second last room on the corridor and our window opened out to the building next door.

Nice bed

The washroom was clean and showers came with complimentary shower foam and shampoo.

Rainforest shower



It was close to 9pm by the time we settled down and both of us were famished. We decided to have something Austrian and we found on Tripadvisor that PitterKeller was only 10 minutes’ walk away.


We went down to the basement of the building and were quickly led to a table near the entrance by a staff. Despite our hunger, it took us some time to decide what we would like to eat. We ended up ordering Wiener schnitzel art, rösti (funny that we didn’t have any in Switzerland), apple tart and a glass of Steigl Radler beer to share.

Waiting for food

It was a good crowd for a weekday night. Most of the customers seemed to be locals or at least German-speaking. It is always a good sign that a place is filled with locals instead of tourists.

The local customers

The beer was served first and both of us were pleasantly surprised how good it tasted.

Steigl’s unique logo on the wall

Soon food was served and we dug into the hearty Austrian fare.

Wiener schnitzel art in the foreground and rösti at the back

The rösti dish was interesting; the folks at PitterKeller substituted most of potatoes with spinach instead. Considering how little green vegetables that we had in Europe so far, Ying absolutely loved the dish.


In my one other trip to Austria, my Austrian friend tried to bring me to Figlmüller in Vienna twice. Both times there were too many people in the queue and we ended up going to Schnitzelwirt (I think) which was pretty nice too.

The schnitzel at PitterKeller didn’t disappoint as well.

Wiener schnitzel

The satisfying meal was finished off with an apple tart.

Apple tart

The cost of the meal came up to be a very reasonable 33€ (inclusive of ~10% tips).

The two men who were sitting beside us had a strange-looking dessert and both of us were staring at it when it was served. Seeing our reaction, one of them informed that it was nockerl, a local specialty. Both Ying and I were too full to have one by then but we promised that we would have one before leaving Salzburg.

Back at the hotel, we had two rather freaky experiences. The first one concerned the toilet mirror.

Words (Das wasser ist …) appeared after the mirror fogged up due to hot shower

Then the television was switched off accidentally but couldn’t be switched on no matter what we did.

This reminded me of our trip to Shanghai last year where we had a freaky experience as well. I suggested that we changed room but Ying told me not to scare her. We decided not to call the reception and chose to sleep instead.

Luckily the night went on without any more incident…. I wasn’t suggesting that our room was spooky; it was just truthful reporting from our experience.

The next day we left our bags at the hotel before going on to tour Salzburg. It was still early when we returned to collect our bags and we made full use of the free wifi at the hotel’s lounge.

Reception and bar



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