SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XVI – Salzburg Altstadt

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After checking out and depositing our bags at our hotel, we set off to explore Salzburg for the day.

Walking along Salzach

We made a detour through the gardens of Schloss Mirabell, down the road from our hotel, before heading across Salzach.

Schloss Mirabell



Back along the river towards Alstadt

Beggar on bridge?

Bicycles for rent

We followed the signs to the tourist information and passed by sights along the way.

Salzburg Museum

Plaque at Residenzplaz

Salzburg Cathedral

After getting the map and the directions to Hangar-7 from the tourist information centre, we spotted Wolgang Amadeus Mozart’s statue.


Kinda lonely up there by himself

I found a colored version and did my best impersonation.

Mozart wannabe

Salzburg Altstadt

We followed the map and headed towards Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Hohensalzburg Fortress in the background; man on golden ball sculpture in the foreground

The only thing we did was to walk up to the entrance for a nice view of Alstadt.

Rewarded with a good view after a steep climb

Back in Altstadt:-

Cobble-stoned street


Inside a church (don’t ask me which)

One of the key attractions in Salzburg was the house where Mozart was born in (admission €10) and we saw the back entrance first.

Back of Mozarts Geburtshaus

A cafe’s attached to it

There was a crowd of tourists snapping pictures when we got to the front of the building.


Anyone wants a photo with Mozart?

Earlier an eating place selling seafood dishes had caught our eyes and we decided to check out its menu at lunch time. The pricing was reasonable and we got two dishes and a beer for €15.90.


Salmon and crab cakes

Both of us were quite happy to have some seafood since we didn’t have any yet during the trip. The meal would be the fuel for our afternoon’s excursion to Hangar-7.


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