SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XVII – Hangar-7 & Steiglbrauerei

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The main reason why we were in Salzburg was to visit Hangar-7. Ying is (was?) a fan of Red Bull racing and the idea of visiting a Red Bull racing museum appealed to her.

We had checked at the Tourist Information Centre earlier on which bus to take and we confirmed again when we boarded the bus (€2.40).

On board Bus 10

The bus ride took around 20 minutes and en-route we spotted a Steigl shop.

Steigl shop

Pressezentrum/Kuglhof – stop for Hangar-7

Short walk away

Hangar-7 was located beside Salzburg Airport and we could see the control tower from there.

Salzburg Airport in the background

Red Bull-branded plane in the foreground

Entry is free and both of us were awed when we entered the building.

Roof and aluminum(?) plane

One of the most interesting exhibit was on Red Bull Stratos, the highest skydive ever from almost 39km above earth’s surface. The skydiver who performed the jump, Felix Baumgartner, is coincidentally (or not?) a native of Salzburg.


Back of capsule

Pressure suit

Of course there were the F1 cars.

Johnny Herbert’s Sauber

Mark Webber’s

Can’t recall who this belongs to

Body printed with photos

Buemi’s Torro Rosso

Beside the F1 cars, there are other vehicles/modes of transport on display.


What is this called? Flying suit?

Model helicopter

Real helicopter

Yellow cab

View from level 2 – the place is big

There was a gift shop at a corner and many took the opportunity to stock up on some Red Bull memorabilia.

Funnily I found that Webber cap is cheaper than Vettel’s…

There were also two interesting pieces of artwork made from used car parts.

Pretty scary


We ended the excursion with a visit to the toilet.



Leaving Hangar-7, we decided to trace back our route and visit the Steigl shop whom we saw earlier.

Cute sign – Man with hat with girl

We followed the tram lines for around 15 minutes before reaching the shop.

Steigl shop

Opposite it is the factory.

Steigl factory

I would say the shop was pretty well-stocked and quite a few people were buying cartons of alcohol.

Das Salzburger Bier

New Steigl model

The one other famous drink from Salzburg

After getting some drinks for the evening, we decided to follow the signs to Steigl Brauwelt. The walk took longer than expected but we somehow managed to find it.



Walking in

We debated whether we wanted to go on the tour (€9); the guided tour is in German only and it was already near to closing time. In the end we opted to spend our euros on Steigl souvenirs instead.

Steigl Heaven

It started to drizzle as we made our way back to the town centre. It was cold and windy and we decided to seek refuge at a cafe where we ordered Salzburger nockerl (€14 inclusive of tips).

Waiting for our order

Like the one that we saw last night, ours was huge too.

Salzburger nockerl

Sadly it looked nicer than it tasted. It was too sweet for us and we weren’t able to finish it.

Macabre art piece for sale at the cafe

The wind had turned into a gale as we made our way back to our hotel.

Cold and wet (By the way this is the bus stop for bus 10 to Hangar-7)

We chilled for a while at the hotel lounge before heading to the train station.


En-route to the train station we grabbed ourselves some döner kebabs.

Second Turkish meal in Europe

Always great to have kebab with ayran (Total: €6,30)

Do I like Salzburg? Probably I will enjoy it more with better weather. On hindsight we should have done the Steigl Brauwelt tour but it means that we have the excuse to visit Salzburg again.


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