SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XIX – Berlin WelcomeCard

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My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love (for Berlin)

While doing our research on Berlin before coming to Europe, we found out that there were several competing discount cards for Berlin: WelcomeCard, CityTourCard and Berlin Pass.

To decide which one to go for, we made a list of things/places that we wanted to do/visit and see which card provides the best value for 3 days/72 hours. All three come with a transport card which allows unlimited travel within the chosen zones.

Cost (72 hour/Zone AB)
WelcomeCard – €24,50
CityTourCard – €22,90
Berlin Pass – €89

We eliminated Berlin Pass early as it was expensive and we really needed to hit quite a few attractions/tours in order to make it worthwhile. Furthermore, admission to DDR Museum wasn’t included.

There was little to choose between WelcomeCard and CityTourCard and in the end what tipped the scale was the number of cycling tours which WelcomeCard had discounts with (7 vs 2 with CityTourCard). We wanted to do a cycling tour so one could get a 25% with a choice of operators.

After arriving at Berlin Hbf, we went to the DB ticket office to purchase the WelcomeCard (package consists of ticket, map of Berlin, guide). The staff reminded us to validate the ticket before use; it would be valid for the next 72 hours.

Berlin Welcome Card

At the end of our time in Berlin, we made a comparison:-

Without Berlin WelcomeCard:-

Transportation within Berlin for 3 days: €6,70 x 3 = €20,10
Fat Tire bicycle tour: €24
DDR Museum: €6
Jüdisches Museum: €8
TOTAL: €58,10

With Berlin WelcomeCard:-

Berlin WelcomeCard: €24,50
Fat Tire bicycle tour: €18
DDR Museum: €4,50
Jüdisches Museum: €3,50
TOTAL: €50,50

So we saved €7,60! Not a huge amount by any measure but they paid for one of the meals in Berlin.


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