SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XX – Bright & Central //Friedrichshain//

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Huge room in Berlin!

Our accommodation at Berlin was a room at Juli & Basti’s from Airbnb, booked at a very affordable rate of 61 USD per night.

One of the reasons why we chose the accommodation was that it was on the same S-Bahn line as Berlin Hbf. Warschauer Straße station is only 6 stops away from Berlin Hbf and lines S5, S7 and S75 ran between them.

When we exited the station, we were unsure which way to go and went the wrong direction at first. After realizing our mistake, we turned around and headed the right way.

Layers and layers of notices

If we hadn’t lost our way, we would have reached the apartment in five minutes from the station. A large supermarket was located along the way.

First Ampelmanchenn


We followed our hosts’ instructions and buzzed their intercom when we reached the entrance.


Entering the building

Basti came down and collected us and brought us up to the apartment. As the previous guest hadn’t checked out yet, we were brought to the room next door where we could put our bags. Beside briefing us on the admin stuff such as keys and wifi, he also recommended us to get Berlin WelcomeCard for our stay. He told us that he would be working from home so we could approach him if we ran into any issue.

We had the day planned out so we didn’t return to our room until late at night.

Room’s so huge that it could fit a couch

Our first impression of the room: it’s huge! We could lay out our things and place them everywhere.

The other side of the room

Cactus by the window

There was a drawback though; despite the heater being switched on, it still got quite chilly at night. Nevertheless we were still happy with the room and found it extremely value-for-money.

A note of caution for potential stayers: there is no lift in the building so one would need to go up several floors of stairs to reach it. So it ain’t friendly for huge luggage.

Huffing and puffing up the stairs

We also made use of their washing machine to do laundry; Basti lent us their clothes rack and even helped us dry our clothes on it while we were out. That was very nice of him!

Juli was busy with work during our stay and we only managed to chat a little with her on the second night. We gave her a small souvenir from Singapore and she immediately put it into use.

Host used our gift immediately

As stated in the description, the room was bright during the day. It also had a balcony which overlooked Warschauer Straße.

View of Warschauer Straße from balcony

View of Warschauer Straße from balcony

Found in the book cabinet:-

German is female

The place was indeed central and bright as promised. It’s very convenient with many eating places nearby and a large supermarket just round the corner. Juli and Basti are lovely hosts and I would highly recommend to stay at their place in Berlin.


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