Return to Roots 落葉歸根 Pt IX: Epilogue

Pt I: Prologue
Pt III: Lufeng 陆丰
Pt IV: Luhe 陆河
Pt V: D2282
Pt VI: Yongchun 永春
Pt VII: Xiamen 厦门 / Gulangyu 鼓浪屿
Pt VIII: Malaysian Hospitality
Pt IX: Epilogue

Chong Family

Yan Family

Qui Family

I was glad that I had the opportunity to visit the area that my great-grandparents/grandparents had came from. As mentioned in the earlier posts, although our relatives in China had never met us before, they still treated us like family members. We were really overwhelmed by all the hospitality.

Interestingly the trip also made me more aware of my family history. There were many details that I hadn’t known before and it was amazing learning about them. Sadly my command of the Hakka dialect was non-existent and had to rely on translations.

However, if I was asked whether I felt a sense of connection to the land when I was in China, the answer was no. The place where we grew up in would be the where we had the most emotional attachment to; these Chinese villages were just obscure place names until we visited them. While they are nice places to visit, they don’t have the feeling of ‘home’. For me, home is definitely Singapore.


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