SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXII – DDR Museum

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DDR Museum

DDR Museum was located within walking distance from Fat Tire Bike Tour’s office at Alexanderplatz and we decided to visit it after our bicycle tour. Having the Berlin WelcomeCard meant that we were entitled to 25% discount on the admission and we only paid €4,50 each.

It was an interactive museum and was designed to encourage visitors to explore the different elements.

Some history

Artifacts from DDR

The biggest artifact was probably a Trabant P601.


Two Strokes of Genius


Not exactly the best specifications


Berlin also has its unique traffic men – Ampelmännchen.



It was so apparently so beloved that it was one of the few symbols which survived the end of Cold War. Even the traffic lights in former West Berlin neighborhoods are now using Ampelmännchen instead.

Interflug – DDR’s flag carrier

Western travel through East Berlin

Several train stations in East Berlin which were on lines that connect to West Berlin were closed during the Cold War.

East German children’s book

Little Commander


Tying a blue Pioneer scarf

Tying a blue Pioneer scarf

Pioneer uniform

Question: How much did East Germans earn?

Not much apparently

East German Produce


Slab by Slab

Model of a typical East German apartment

Living room of a typical East German apartment

Kitchen of a typical East German apartment

Inside the kitchen drawer

East German magazines


Politics without swimsuit

Beach volleyball

DDR beach

Socialist dance:-

Let’s learn the steps!

DDR’s international relations

On a more sombre note:-


Prisoners’ cell

The deadly kiss

Map of DDR

How different political parties vote in DDR parliament (Yes to everything of course)

The peace must be armed

DDR’s plan to invade West Berlin

Checkpoint to West Berlin

DDR passport with exit visa

Marx, Engels and Lenin

Rye, compass and hammer – elements in DDR’s national emblem

One could easily spend several hours there and we saw many parents bringing their kids to visit. In all I thought that it was a wonderful museum with interesting interactive elements, definitely worth its admission price.


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